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Introduction & Overview

Student Living by Sodexo is one of the longest standing operators of student accommodation across the UK and Europe. We’re backed by global FM giant Sodexo but pride ourselves on our bespoke services to clients

Established over two decades ago, our capacity to supply expert, award winning services is ongoing as we continue to achieve strong returns for clients. With a prolific track record of working with investors, developers and universities, our growing portfolio speaks for itself.

Our heritage is facilities management and we are proud to have evolved this core function of effectively managed purpose built student accommodation into the thriving, expertly managed service offer we now run. As we have evolved we have forged strong relationships across the higher education sector whilst also picking up a number of industry awards along the way.


  • We operate a white label approach for clients 
  • We are demonstrably data driven 
  • Our marketing expertise is industry recognised
  • We have extensive experience of supporting clients through a variety of routes to market including:

    • Direct to University (D2U)

    • Design, Build, Fund, Operate (DBFO)

    • Private Let Market (PBSA)
  • Our property management services are award winning
  • We’re backed by the global FM giant Sodexo


  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Birmingham
  • Leicester
  • London
  • Canterbury
  • Falmouth
  • Huddersfield 
  • Sheffield
  • Colchester
  • Wolverhampton
  • Lincoln
  • Sidcup
  • Coventry
  • Greenwich
  • Southampton
  • Medway
  • West London


  • Spain
  • India
  • USA
  • Ireland


Value Proposition To Clients

Quality of Life

Through extensive research and 50 years of experience with clients and consumers we have identified six dimensions that we call ‘Quality of Life’. 

We believe that each dimension has a direct impact on the output of our services to clients and as a result, we implement this into the heart of our service offer.

Strategic Operational Capabilities

We approach partnerships from a birds-eye perspective, beginning with an in-depth dialogue focusing on the relevant development or portfolio. Whilst we favour partnering with new clients from the beginning of a project, we understand that a development may be at a variety of stages at the point at which we become involved, and we’re prepared for every scenario. 

We believe that a fully immersive experience is required at all stages of effective PBSA management, and for this reason we remain concerned with market trends in all major university locations within the UK to enable a swift market analysis and demand report for all clients. Our process involves the provision of relevant market investigation for a rounded overview of the opportunity, this includes projections of costs and revenue. 


We pride ourselves with our ability and expertise to support your developments. We have subject matter experts in many field, Water Systems management, Fire Systems Management, Asset Management Frameworks, project Management and Technical Services management to name a few. 


We ensure that we become experts in the property or portfolio. By developing the right on-site team, we fully understand what’s important for the building, as well as for the investment.


Every location, every building and every year is different, bringing with it a unique set of circumstances. We understand this and that’s why our approach is bespoke. We understand the academic cycle and the evolving audience, and we develop marketing strategies that create enticing experiences that covert into full occupancy and reliable revenue from year one.


Our on-site service covers every aspect of property and resident management including enquiry, allocation and booking management, health and safety compliance and resident life planning. We provide operational reports on a regular basis and monitor maintenance levels. 


We compile detailed financial reports throughout the life of our partnership to enable effortless monitoring of the performance of your investment. We’ll work to an agreed annual budget and control cash flow by collecting rent and supplier payments.

Core Operational Capabilities

We offer a range of operational services including, when required, the expert ability to take over existing operational developments that needs to perform better as an asset. 

University Relationships

Over the years, we have developed close relationships with a number of universities and engage with them regularly to maintain our high standards and best practice. 

We have negotiated nomination agreements with a variety of universities and now provide accommodation in partnership with universities across the UK.

Marketing & Revenue Optimisation

We manage lettings and always aim for high early occupancy before the start of each academic year. 

This drives net operating income through optimising costs and maximising revenue.

We have an excellent occupancy track record and we achieve bookings through a variety of channels to ensure maximum awareness with the target audience. 

We implement data techniques such as social listening and customer segmentation which allows us to communicate in a personalised way. 

Having data analysts as part of our team ensures that all of our marketing activity is data driven.

To maintain excellent returner bookings and a strong reputation of the property, we have processes in place that ensure residents expectations  and experiences are understood in a meaningful way. 



  • Pulse surveys to ensure consistently high net promoter scores

  • Regular communication of operational activities

  • Award winning, curated resident life experiences

  • So much more

Sales & Marketing

With key indicators of our success measured through occupancy, our specialist marketing strategies account for this at every level. By keeping data at the heart of all activity, we drive net operating costs and maximise revenue through insight and strategic planning. 

We use a joined up approach between on-site teams and our dedicated marketing team meaning we’re able to identify and implement innovative opportunities that incorporate segmentation to ensure a personalised experience for students that matches their high expectations.  

To achieve this, we’re proactive with emerging marketing trends in the UK and in students home countries. We produce SEO driven content and operate a vigorous refining process for all paid digital activities. We promote a dynamic project style and have over 300 international recruitment partners all of which are specifically chosen because of their links to the universities in the cities where our clients properties are based. We produce in depth monthly reports detailing return on investment (ROI) and plans for optimisation so you are always in the know.



Data can be the crucial decision factor in strategic planning. Everything we do is backed up by data and this can range from web analytics to inform tactical marketing, to asset performance to inform strategic marketing planning and optimisation.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the academic cycle and review HE key indicators annually. Our team are experts in understand the evolving youth audience and as such know how to interpret insights to keep your brand relevant. Through the use of tools such as social listening together with our unrivalled competitor analysis, we develop property specific plans that communicate and engage with your target audience - no matter where they are. 

We use insights to feed into what we say and how we say it enabling us to stay at the pinnacle of relevant messaging. Our researchers are able to undertake advanced data analysis techniques to get the most from available data and we’re proud of what our data driven strategies have achieved for clients in terms of occupancy and revenue, but what sets us apart is our white label approach. Student Living takes a purposeful back seat to your individual property brand, and our team work to ensure that insights help you to enhance the benefit of opting for a property specific brand.



We’re more than the average marketing team, we’re a full service creative agency. Our capabilities include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Data & Trend Analysis
  • Animation Pay Per Click
  • Web development and management
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Photography / Videography
  • Social Media Listening
  • Illustration
  • Coding (CSS, HTML5, React & Vue)
  • (PPC and Digital ad management)
  • Copy writing and content creation
  • Branding
  • Full Social Media Management (Including Ads)
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Residence Life

What Sets us Apart

We operate a white label approach for clients. 

This means we focus on building your brand, not ours. Research shows that students feel aligned to a localised brand that is associated with a single property or small portfolio vs a larger international brand. You may not hear much chatter about Student Living By Sodexo and this is by design. We work hard to promote your asset meaning residents living in one of our properties know the building, the on-site team and aren’t overwhelmed by a big corporate entity.  


We are data driven and that makes us different in such a great way. 

We have a dedicated team who ensure that we are fully informed on the industry locally, nationally and internationally. This means we hold data on university intake, competitor occupancy as well as insights to ensure our marketing is always one step ahead.   


Our excellent reputation precedes us. 

We’re known well by universities and regulatory bodies, and we’ve won awards for most functions within our business including property management, marketing and residence life.


We’re backed by the global FM giant Sodexo. 

As one of the largest employers in the world, there are benefits to partnering with us.

Backed by Sodexo

Working in Partnership

We have forged strong relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders across the industry, creating lasting partnerships which foster mutual prosperity.


We are very proud of what we offer our partners and the trust they show us in return.

Get in Touch

Richard Bolger
Director of Operations Universities North
Student Living By Sodexo
M: +44 (0)7920 535 013
Simon Knight
Managing Director
Sodexo Universities UK
T: +44 (0)1793 571050
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