Our Communities

When we ask our students what sort of things they worry about before moving away to study, one of the most frequent answers they give is “being lonely”. A few weeks later, those same students tell us that they feel “really at home”. Why is this? 

Well, Student Living by Sodeox residences are always built around social spaces; shared kitchens, living and study spaces which ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to meet and get to know fellow students. The right balance of privacy and quiet is important too so you can always close the door on your own room when you need your own space.

Perhaps the most important thing, however, are our teams. Over and over again, our students tell us that the Student Living by Sodexo Teams are like friends: helpful, supportive, good listeners and they play a key role in making sure you settle in quickly by arranging welcome events. Our teams are also specialists in the area where you will be living, making it easy for you to fit in with the local community, not just your fellow residents.  They know the best places to go, whether it’s great local events or festivals, restaurants, sporting facilities and will keep you up to date via a dedicated Facebook page, Twitter and regular student newsletters.

When we asked our students what their friends in rented houses felt about Student Living  by Sodexo residence the feedback we got was they were  “Well -jell”.

Student Living by Sodexo residences build communities and that is why they are such great places to stay!