Green Commitment

Student Living by Sodexo is conscious of its environmental, statutory and moral obligations and takes its commitment to reducing its impact on the environment seriously.

Student Living by Sodexo is committed to actively identifying elements in our residences that impact on the environment and, where possible, eliminating or reducing these through the development of robust practices. By doing this we are supporting our commitment to a more sustainable way of life.

It’s easy to waste energy and basic resources – sometimes we might not even notice we are doing it. Common ways we waste energy are by leaving lights on, leaving electrical appliances running, keeping the heating on when we no longer need it or using too much water.

We can all take small steps to reducing our energy consumption. For example, turning off lights when not needed, turning down heating, avoid turning on equipment until you need it and switching off lights when a room is empty.

You can do your part to help us too. Make sure you report any draughty windows and doors and close windows when the heating is on.