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Dealing with missing home

Whether you’ve moved 5, 50 or 500 miles to University, homesickness is something every student experiences, so the main thing is to remember, you are not alone.


Homesickness is something every student experiences. However, this year's freshers experience has been a little different, without all of the parties and events, we can understand students could be feeling a little more homesick than usual. For most students, it has been more pyjamas and Netflix, rather than high heels and clubbing. 

Whether you’ve moved 5, 50 or 500 miles to University, homesickness is something every student experiences, so the main thing is to remember, you are not alone. There are many tips and tricks for getting over these feelings and dealing with being homesick. 


Realise you’re feeling homesick

The first thing, acknowledge that you’re feeling homesick. Many students will try and ignore these feelings, and push them to the back of their minds. But to address an issue, like anything else, you must face it head-on. Missing home is NOT a weakness, it is completely normal. Have a cry, watch a film in bed alone and eat some choccies, then tomorrow you can deal with the issue. 

Make contact

If you’re missing home, give them a call! Ring your parents, FaceTime your Nan or message your siblings. Making contact with those you miss will close this gap and make you feel closer. Although you need to find a healthy balance, too much contact could make you miss them more. Tip: make plans for the holidays & days when you go home. Fill your time at home with spending time with friends and family will make you feel like you’ve made the most of your time with those you miss. 

Take home comforts to Uni 

We all have that favourite blanket, pillow or even teddy. Bringing things to Uni which make you feel at home, comfy and relaxed is very important. You are moving out of home for at least 45 weeks of the year, you need to make your student room feel like home. These could be especially helpful for those homesick students studying abroad, or on a gap year.

Keep yourself busy 

Part of the reason why you might be feeling homesick is the fact that this year, students haven't been allowed to go out, socialise and have the real first-year experience. Keeping yourself busy distracts your brain, which stops you feeling homesick and more positive. Organise a study session, get a part-time job, have dinner with friends or even volunteer.


Exercise has been proven to help with mental health problems and wellness. Exercise can help you to feel motivated and positive, and it’s something else to do other than sitting in your room bored and sad. 

Explore your new city 

Most student cities have so many things to do, and places to visit, there is almost not enough time to do everything. Get out and explore your new city, you can do this alone or with friends. By making yourself feel more at home in your new city, it will feel less unknown and become more comfortable. 

Talk to your friends 

We can guarantee that if you talk to your friends or flat mates at Uni, they will be experiencing the same feelings as you. By opening up and sharing your feelings, you’ll probably feel a lot better, plus you can both help each other to overcome the feelings of homesickness. 


Having a positive mindset is only possible if you have a positive attitude, by doing things that make you happy, you can combat the feelings of homesickness. Remember to take care of yourself, do things you like doing, pamper yourself and spend time with great friends. 

Have some time off social media 

Social media can help you to stay connected with people at home, but it can also remind you of what you're missing, birthdays, parties and nights out. Limit your time on social media, use it to contact people and avoid scrolling through news feeds which only will make you feel more homesick.

Ask for help 

Many universities have counselling and mental health services, where you can talk to others and they can give you advice. If you are struggling with homesickness, financial worries, your studies or anything else, don’t suffer in silence, talk to someone. 


For more advice on how to deal with missing home and homesickness, click on the various links below


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