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Celebrating Valentine's with anyone you love

Valentine’s day is no longer exclusively for couples, we can love others in many different ways, and no one should feel unloved on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day, the day of love, where we show those who we care about how much we do actually love them. But Valentine’s day is no longer exclusively for couples, we can love others in many different ways, and no one should feel unloved on Valentine’s Day. So we’ve got lots of inspiration for how to share the love this Valentine’s Day in various ways, whilst keeping safe and healthy! 


Showing your love to your Friends 
  • Cinema Night- Pop on your favourite film, get some snacks and snuggle up in your dressing gown for a cosy night in. 
  • Picnic- This doesn’t have to be outside, let's face it February isn't known for its warm weather. Why not set up a picnic in a shared space, where you each bring 2 items of food to share?!
  • Get arty- If you and your friends are rather creative, why not try to create portraits of each other? Plus this is something you can do with friends far away, on Zoom! It’s simple but lots of fun 
  • Takeaway with a twist- A new craze is taking off on the internet, where friends choose each other's takeaway and get it delivered to their house. What a fun way to enjoy a takeaway with friends from a distance, let's just hope your friends are kind! 
  • Glam up- We may not be able to get glammed up and head out, but who says you need to go out?! Put that fake tan on, do your hair and dress up for a night out, in! 


Showing your love to your Parents 
  • Cook for your parents- Get together with your siblings and decide on a starter, main and dessert that you will make for your parents. They are sure to love this and you’ll be in their good books for AGES! 
  • Photo Collage- Parents love looking at photos of their kids, from baby pics to graduation ones, why not put together a collection of photos throughout your life and put them in a nice frame. And cue the tears.  
  • Clean up- Cleaning throughout the whole house will certainly free up some time for your parents to relax and it certainly shows them how much you love and appreciate them. 


Showing your love to your Siblings 
  • Appreciation jar- Every sibling will know that you don’t tell your siblings how much you ‘love’ them Ewwww just the thought of it! But regardless, you really do, probably more than anyone else. So why not create an appreciation jar for them, put in various kind messages for them to open, it’s a great way of showing them you love them in a different way. 
  • Buy them food- Most siblings will argue, and more than not this can be about food, and who ate the last brownie that was bagsy-d. Treat your sibling this Valentine’s Day and buy them their favourite snack and DON’T eat any of it! 


Showing your love to your Partner 
  • Make cocktails- Re-creating your favourite cocktails at home is a great way to spend some quality time together doing something fun, plus it’s just like being out! (Well similar) And who knows, you could discover your hidden talent of making the most delicious espresso martini! Note: Please make sure you are of legal age to drink alcohol and please be drink aware. 
  • Pamper session- As a couple, you probably rarely get a chance to sit and relax together for more than 10 minutes. Get a few face masks, foot masks, something to drink and some snacks, as much as some people say a spa isn't for them, an at-home spa is a great alternative. 
  • Home Date- Most couples go out on a ‘date’ for Valentine’s Day, but with local restrictions, this isn’t possible So why not organise a date night at home, cook your favourite meal, get a few drinks, set up a table and dress up like you're going out. 
  • Buy them something- Gifts are a simple way to show your partner you love them on Valentine’s Day. But this year, why not change it up, what about a cushion for someone who is studying/working, a travel-size hygiene kit for hard-working hospital staff or even a subscription box just as a nice treat. 


Showing your love to your Grandparents 
  • Give them a call- As little as this may seem, a call from Grandchildren really puts a smile on the faces of our grandparents, especially since we cannot see them in person! If your grandparents are quite good with tech, face-timing or zoom is an even better option. 
  • Do their food shop- As the older members of society have been encouraged to shield and see the minimum amount of people, doing their food shop not only takes away this stressor but also is a lovely gesture of love. 


Showing your love to your Neighbours 
  • Wash their car- Obviously, we can’t go into other households at the moment, so offering to wash their car is a lovely act of kindness and may free up your neighbours time to spend a few hours with those they love. 
  • Check in- You may not know your neighbours that well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t knock on their door, check in on how they're doing and maybe even drop off a few fridge bits just to keep them going or a home-baked treat. 


Showing your love to a Stranger 
  • Buy someone a coffee- When you're out buying your next coffee, ask if you can pay for the next persons coffee, or if they have a donation programme in place, use this, it will really put a smile on someone's face. 
  • Shop local- You may not be very familiar with local small business owners, however, buying something from their store will definitely put a smile on their face in these tough times. Plus you can then pass this gift on to someone you love. 


Showing your love to your Pet 
  • Cuddles- What does your pet love more than cuddles? Well, it probably depends on the animal (Chickens may not enjoy this) however, for the most part, we think, nothing! Giving your pet some attention will certainly show them you love and care about them. 
  • Treats- Ah maybe your pet love treats more, but let’s glide over that. Why not buy your pet their favourite treat this Valentine’s Day, however, please remember to not overfeed them, this isn’t love.

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