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Top Sights to see in Newcastle

So you’ve secured your place at a Newcastle university and now you’re wondering what there is to do when you get there?

Well, if you’re one for sightseeing, you’re not going to want to miss these top sights to see in Newcastle!


Angel of the North

We’re sure you’ve already heard of the Angel of the North, but did you know it’s only a 16-minute drive away from Newcastle’s city centre? It’s known as Britain’s biggest landmark; it’s been situated beside the A1 in Gateshead since 1998. It’s also one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world – being seen by more than one person every second! Pretty cool if you ask us.


Tyneside Bridges

There are a total of 7 bridges over the River Tyne in Newcastle and Gateshead. The two ‘most famous’ bridges are the Tyne Bridge and the Millennium Bridge. On weekends, the Millennium Bridge lighting is bright colours giving you the perfect Instagram opportunity!


Newcastle Castle & Alnwick Castle

There are two castles you MUST visit if you’re studying in Newcastle! Newcastle Castle is a medieval fortress that the city got its name from (“New Castle”) – it also has amazing rooftop views over the city!

For all of you Harry Potter lovers – grab your Nimbus 2000 (or use the apparition spell if you prefer – just be careful with this one) and get yourself to Alnwick Castle! While this is a 49-minute drive away from Oxford House student accommodation, visiting here at least once is essential! The castle was a filming location for the Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets.


Newcastle Cathedral

The architecture of Newcastle Cathedral is arguably some of the best in Newcastle. The Grade I listed building dates from the early 14th century, and you can even attend music concerts there! From Queen anthems performed by a live cast of West End singers to Mozart – there’s an event for pretty much everyone’s taste in music, no matter how eclectic.  


Grey’s Monument

Grey’s Monument was completed in 1838 and still stands at the head of Grey Street and Grainger Street in Newcastle’s trendy city centre. The monument was built to commemorate Earl Grey with a time capsule underneath containing a drawing of the monument, medals, tokens and more! Earl Grey was a local politician who was British Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834. Fun fact: the monument was intended to be built at 150ft however, due to not having enough money, it stands at just 134ft (still pretty tall if you ask us).


Jesmond Dene Waterfalls

If you’re looking for a more adventurous spot, Jesmond Dene is a wooded valley that has beautiful waterfalls. If you take an interest in industrial heritage, you can walk along to the Old Mill and learn why watermills were in use in the Dene from at least the 13th Century.


Perhaps you’ve been in search for the perfect picnic spot, or a place to get creative with photography? Whatever the reasoning, you must visit these top sights to see in Newcastle! Make sure to tag us in your pictures of any other amazing sights in Newcastle!

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