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The Best Ways to Shop for Preloved Clothing

Not only can you get a massive bargain shopping for preloved clothes, but it’s also much better for the environment!

You’re essentially saving that piece of clothing from ending up in a landfill or contributing to ‘fast fashion’. Besides, what’s more fun that going on a hunt to see what unique treasures you can find at a bargain price, whether that’s online or in person?


Here are the best ways to shop for preloved clothing:



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Ebay x Love Island collab! Well, if Love Island are on the scene, you probably should be too! We know that Ebay probably isn’t the first place you’d look when looking for preloved clothing, but it’s taken such a big turn (for the better)! Browse on their new ‘preloved’ section on their website to find the best deals.



Depop is probably the most popular mobile app/online marketplace in terms of shopping for preloved clothing. The easy system allows you to filter by what sort of items and sizes you’re looking for which will then return you with items in the specified categories where you can contact the seller or make use of the quick ‘buy now’ feature! It’s quick and convenient if you don’t have the time to go out and shop on the high street.



Not only can you buy preloved clothing on Vinted, but you can also buy used books, puzzles, gaming consoles or just about anything! Browse through loads of unique items and once you find something you love, you can buy with the tap of a button and the seller will then post it out to you!


Thrift Stores

If you prefer to shop in-person, then you should definitely try thrift shopping! There are lots of benefits of shopping in-person when it comes to preloved clothing. For example, it allows you to try on the clothing items before you purchase which will be a huge blessing because you can’t actually return preloved clothing. It also allows you to inspect the condition of the item, making sure that there’s no stains or rips in the material. A quick Google search will tell you where all the thrift stores are near you, this might be easier if you’re in a bigger city!


Charity Shops

Choosing to buy preloved items from a charity shop will not only mean that you’re being environmentally friendly, but it will also mean that a percentage of your purchases will go to a good cause! You can usually find charity shops such as Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research and more on your local high street. Likewise to thrifting, it will give you a chance to try before you buy!


We hope we’ve inspired you to make more environmentally friendly choices when looking for your next going out outfit! Shopping preloved items is a huge step forward in ditching fast fashion and making the earth cleaner. Happy bargain hunting!

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