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Money Saving Tips for Students

We all want to save a few quid here and there – the lucky thing is that’s it’s incredibly easy to once you know where to look for opportunities!

We know that there’ll probably be times when money is tough as a student – but with so many ways to save a few pennies, it can become much more manageable. Here are some clever money saving tips for students:


Time for a new wardrobe?

When you think it’s time to buy some new items of clothing, why not sell some of your old pieces that you don’t wear? You could sell pieces on a car boot sale to quickly get rid of clothes (without the packaging costs involved too). If that doesn’t sound like you then you could also sell your clothes on online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, Depop, Vinted, PLT Marketplace or eBay – but remember you’ll have to consider shipping/packaging costs on top of this! By selling your old clothes, you’ll be contributing towards the cost of your new wardrobe AND reducing waste!


Too Good to Go & Olio

If you’re not already using mobile apps such as Too Good to Go, now is your time to download them! Too Good to Go is an app where businesses around you offer ‘mystery bags’ at a small price, that you collect at the end of the day. The mystery bags contain items that the business hasn’t sold throughout the day, and the prices usually range from £1.99 - £4.99 per mystery bag. Don’t be fooled by the price though – most mystery bags contain a load of food! Some major food chains such as Subway and Papa Johns use the app, as well as smaller businesses. Not only will you be getting an absolute bargain, but you’ll be doing your bit by helping to reduce food waste!


Olio is another great app where you can make a difference by reducing food waste. The concept of Olio is that it connects you with local people. Your neighbours can then post an advert if they have food that they can’t use up. For example, they might have some fruit that is coming up to its use by date – if you would like the fruit then you can arrange to collect it. It’s not only food that you can get from Olio – you can get peoples unwanted items for free! There’s also a section for borrowing items such as dumbbells and cookbooks which can save you some pennies too!


Take full advantage of sales!

We all know how sales work - the summer clothes go on sale after summer has been, the winter clothes go on sale as it’s approaching spring, and so on… well take advantage of this!! Buy your wardrobe in advance and future you will thank you for it. You’ll be saving money by shopping in the sales, but you’ll also be preparing yourself ready for when the weather changes – no more last minute shopping trips because the weather forecast has changed!


Always always ALWAYS make use of your student discount

We can’t stress this enough - download FREE mobile apps such as Student Beans and UNiDAYS to save money on your day-to-day purchases. From 35% off pizza to 20% off the new iPhone – you can unlock exclusive offers just from being a student! It’s likely that you’ll do some sort of shopping throughout the year, so make use of discounts while you can! UNiDAYS also run plenty of free competitions where you can be in with a chance to win your dinner for free – sounds good, doesn’t it?


There are loads of other clever ways of saving money – why not share these tips with your flatmates and see if they recommend anything back? Sign up to our newsletter to get student tips going straight to your inbox by clicking here!

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