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St George's Tower offers great student accommodation in the heart of Leicester. Enjoy the convenience of being only an 8min walk away from the University of Leicester and a 10 min walk from DeMontfort University. With ultra-easy access to Leicester train station and city centre shopping, St George's Tower is the perfect "home away from home" for Leicester based students.

Great Transport Links

Super-fast Wifi

All Bills Included

On-site Laundry

Bike Store

24 Hour Security

On-site Gym (Pure Gym)

Contact us at: 0116 262 6933

Student Living by Sodexo has been authorised to act on behalf of the Landlord

“Infrastructure Investments (Leicester 2) Limited”, as its agent and representative in

connection with the operation of the student accommodation known as “St Georges

Tower”. This includes the management of the booking and rental process. For the

avoidance of doubt, bookings made at St Georges Tower are made with the Landlord

and not Student Living.

St Georges Tower, Leicester, LE1 1SW


St George's Tower Student Accommodation is right in the beating heart of Leicester student life! Just a short walk to Leicester or De Montfort Universities and you have great transport, nightlife and shopping on your doorstep!

Studio Features

Self-contained Student Studios

Enjoy your own space with our gorgeous studios. In your studio you enjoy the following:

Classic Studio Premium Studio Deluxe Studio
Room Size Approx 20m2 Approx 22m2 Approx 24m2
Double bed yes yes yes
Built-in bookshelves yes yes yes
Wardrobe yes yes yes
Study space with storage, desk and chair yes yes yes
Private bathroom with shower yes yes yes
Shaving mirror yes yes yes
Breakfast bar yes yes yes
Fridge / Freezer yes yes yes
Cooker yes yes yes
Microwave yes yes yes
Dustpan & brush yes yes yes
Iron yes yes yes
Kettle yes yes yes
Toaster yes yes yes
TV yes yes yes
Private local area network (LAN) yes yes yes

Example Tenancy Agreement


Please sign and forward to:

Electronically : Enquiries.StGeorgesTower.UK@sodexo.com

OR, By Post :  Student Residence, St Georges Tower, 1B St Georges Way, Leicester LE1 1SH United Kingdom

Landlord :

Infrastructure Investments (Leicester 2) Ltd, Cedar House, Vine Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB10 0NF

Tenant Details :


Home Address

Home Telephone Number

Mobile Telephone Number

Email Address


Management Company

Student Living by Sodexo

Property Address

St George’s Tower
1b St George’s Way

Room number

Tenancy Period (51 weeks)

___________________ to
(these dates supersede any previously published dates)


£300 (due prior to commencement of tenancy)

Tenancy Fees Schedule

Instalment 1

Due on


Instalment 2

Due on (If applicable)


Instalment 3

Due on (If applicable)



  1. Introduction

Student Living by Sodexo has been authorised to act on behalf of the Landlord “Infrastructure Investments (Leicester 2) Limited”, as its agent and representative in connection with the operation of the student accommodation known as “St Georges Tower”. This includes the management of the booking and rental process. For the avoidance of doubt, bookings made at St Georges Tower are made with the Landlord and not Student Living.

This Tenancy Agreement made between you the Tenant, and if applicable, your guarantor (who may be a family member or your legal guardian) and St Georges Tower is a legally binding document and all parties will be bound by it.

It is important that the Tenant, and if applicable your guarantor(s), read and understand this agreement and all the documents referred to in it before making a commitment. This Tenancy Agreement should be read in conjunction with the Accommodation Handbook.

By signing and returning this Tenancy Agreement to St Georges Tower, it creates a legally binding contract between the parties.

The Tenant must provide the Landlord or its Representatives a certificate of registration with their University before being permitted to occupy the Accommodation.

  1. Definitions

In this Tenancy Agreement these words shall mean the following:


means St Georges Tower Student Residence, 1B St Georges Way, Leicester, LE1 1SW.

Accommodation Contents

the fixtures, fittings and equipment in the Accommodation which are listed under the inventory at Appendix 1 and can be found in the room on taking up occupancy

Accommodation Reception

means Tower Reception at St Georges Tower, 1B St Georges Way

Allocation Letter

means the letter sent by email to the Tenant making an allocation of a room at St Georges Tower


Infrastructure Investments (Leicester 2) Limited

Landlord’s representative

Student Living by Sodexo

Common Parts

any shared facility such as a kitchen, bathroom or recreational area allocated to the Accommodation and any area which must be used for the purpose of gaining access to the Accommodation


means a sum of £300 payable by the Tenant on acceptance of an offer of a place at St Georges Tower Student Residence. The Deposit will be held in accordance with clause 6.2

Tenancy Fees

mean the Rent for Accommodation for the Tenancy Period as determined by the Landlord and notified to the Tenant as stated in the Allocation letter

The Tenant

An individual who has accepted a place on a programme of study at a recognised university and who has been offered and accepted a room at St Georges Tower Student Residence

Tenancy Period

The period as identified in the Allocation letter


a single student room at St Georges Tower which Student Living will allocate to the Tenant from time to time


General terms and conditions


The Landlord gives the Tenant the right for the Tenancy Period to occupy a Room as a private study room and for no other purpose and to use the Common Parts for their designated use, subject to the Tenant remaining an enrolled student, paying the Tenancy Fees and complying with the terms of this Tenancy Agreement.


While the Tenant occupies the  Room as a  single, private study  room,  they are permitted to have overnight guests,  provided that the Tenant: 


signs their guests in and out at the Accommodation Reception, does not give their keys/swipe cards (and/or copies) to any guest and takes reasonable steps to ensure that their guests are not left unattended at all reasonable times while in the Accommodation;


ensures that such guests comply with the fire safety procedures for the Accommodation;


does not intend to accommodate a guest who has been banned from the Accommodation premises;


has not been issued with a ban from bringing guests into the room by the Landlord or its representative Student Living and


agrees that the Landlord may reject, deny or cancel any visitors or overnight guests.


accepts all responsibility for the behaviour of any visitor invitee or guest of the Tenant and fully compensate the Landlord for all damage to any property of the Landlord;


Ensures that any guest invitee or visitor of the Tenant shall not do anything that does or may cause any nuisance danger or distress to others


The Tenant agrees:


To inspect the Room and Accommodation Contents and ensure that they report any discrepancies to Accommodation Reception within 48 hours of the start of the Tenancy Period by filling in the inventory form that will be provided upon arrival and they understand that if they do not return this form they will be liable for any damage found after their departure;


To keep the Room, the Accommodation Contents and the Common Parts clean, tidy and in a habitable state;


To leave the Room and the Common Parts in a clean and tidy condition, clear of all rubbish and personal belongings at the end of the Tenancy Period;


to return to Accommodation Reception all entry cards, keys or passes to the Room in their possession at the end of the Tenancy Period or upon request by the Landlord or its appointed representative;


to allow the Landlord or its representative, to enter the Room for the purpose of viewing, inspecting, maintaining or repairing it; the Landlord or its representative will give reasonable notice to enter the room,


to allow the Landlord or its representative to enter the Room in an emergency, to clean the Accommodation on agreed days, or where there is an urgent need for repair which affects the ability of the Accommodation to be used for habitation; the Landlord or its representative will give reasonable notice to enter the room,


not cause any offence, nuisance, harassment or persistent disturbance to the Landlord’s representative, its staff, other tenants, visitors to the Accommodation and the owners or occupiers of any nearby property


to comply with the Residence’s regulations in relation to such matters as noise, health and safety, visitors, cleaning and electronic items as advised to you from time to time which can be found in the Student Handbook


to report to Accommodation Reception as soon as reasonably practicable, but in any event within 24 hours of becoming aware of it, any damage to the Room;


to pay to the Landlord all costs reasonably incurred in enforcing your obligations in this Tenancy Agreement or arising as a result of you breaching them;


to pay a fair and reasonable proportion of the cost of repairing the damage or reinstating the loss where damage or loss occurs at the Accommodation and it is not possible for the Landlord’s Representative (acting reasonably) to discern who is at fault.  For the avoidance of doubt you will not be required to contribute to loss or damage which in the Landlord’s reasonable opinion has been caused by an intruder on condition that you have complied with your obligations in relation to security at the Accommodation in this Tenancy Agreement;


promptly to send to the Landlord’s Representative a copy of any communication you receive which may affect the Accommodation;


to act in such a manner to ensure that no damage to any electrical installation, security or safety equipment in the Room will occur;


to ensure that any portable appliances which are brought into the Accommodation by tenants must be electrically safe and of sound design. They should carry an ASTA/BEAB kite mark or an equivalent European safety conformity marking. Tenants from overseas should make sure their travel adaptors are compliant with British Standard. Plugs must have 3-pins. Appliances, cables and plugs that are damaged MUST NOT BE USED, and we may remove them. Please ask for advice if you are unsure. 


to allow only other residents of the Accommodation into the building;


not to alter or decorate the Room or Common Parts nor to remove any furniture or furnishings from the Room or the Common Parts;


not to add to or change any installation or supply of the information technology services in the Accommodation;


not to bring into the Room or any Common Parts any animal or pet;


to advise Accommodation Reception of any periods of absence longer than 2 days;


not to cause any obstruction of their Room or that of others, the Common Parts, or fire and safety equipment including fire exits;


to look after all keys and access cards issued by the Landlord or its representative, not to copy or loan them and to report any loss of such keys or cards immediately or as soon as is reasonably practicable;


not to put anything harmful, or which is likely to cause blockage, in any pipes or drains in the Room or Common Parts;


not to remove from, affix to, change, damage or attempt to repair the structure or decorative finish of any part of the Room or Common Parts;


not to share the Room or sub-let it or transfer occupancy to any person;


not to operate any kind of trade or business from the Room or   Common Parts;


not to smoke or burn any substance or have naked flames (e.g. candles, barbeques, e-cigarettes) in the Room or Common Parts;


not to bring in to or keep any weapons or imitation weapons in the Room or Common Parts;


not to cause excessive noise in the Room or Common Parts;


not to cause any disturbance, distress or annoyance to any other residents of the Accommodation or damage their Accommodation; and


not to bring onto or keep any liquid or gaseous fuel, noxious or explosive substance or gas, paraffin or gas heater, cookers, candles or other naked flame devices or consumables in the Room or Common Parts, such items will be removed without warning.


to purchase a television licence or if the television will not be used for licensable activities notify TV Licensing that a licence is not required.


to provide the Landlord’s representative with a Certificate of Registration from their University for the purpose of providing to the Leicester City Council for council tax exemption.


Landlord’s obligations

Both parties, The Landlord and the Tenant agree:


the Landlord cannot guarantee the supply of services relating to gas, water, internet facility and electricity supplies and will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the failure on the part of the service provider to supply such services and which are reasonably beyond the Landlord’s control. This clause does not seek to exclude liability for damage as a result of the Landlord’s negligence;


to give reasonable notice (in the case of emergency where no notice is necessary) to the Tenant of the intention of the Landlord or its agents or contractors to enter the Room in order to inspect the condition of the Room and the contents and to carry out repairs as appropriate;


to keep any kitchen facilities in the room in good order and repair, and ensure that any equipment it provides is in proper working order;


not to interrupt the Tenant’s occupation of the Accommodation more than it is reasonably necessary;


the Landlord or its representatives may in its absolute discretion enter the Room and confiscate any article which in its reasonable opinion presents a risk to the health and safety of other residents and /or staff of the Accommodation and should not be within the Room. The article will then either be handed over to the police or retained by the Landlord, at the Tenant’s expense, until collected by the Tenant and removed from the residence. If at the end of the Tenancy Period the article has still not been collected by the Tenant, the Landlord will give the Tenant 14 days’ notice to retrieve the article and if unclaimed after such period the Landlord reserves the right to dispose of it. The reasonable disposal costs incurred by the Landlord may be reclaimed from the Tenant;


any notice served by the Landlord on the Tenant shall be sufficiently served if sent by first class post or by hand to the Tenant at the Room or the last known address of the Tenant or left addressed to the Tenant at the Room;


if any clause in this Tenancy Agreement or part of it is held to be illegal or unenforceable under any enactment or rule of law then that clause or part of it shall not form part of this Tenancy Agreement and the enforceability of the remainder of this Tenancy Agreement shall not be affected.


Notwithstanding the Landlord’s intention to repair any damage in accordance with the ANUK code, the Landlord is not liable to repair any damage caused by the Tenant unless the cost is met by the Tenant or an insurance policy (with any necessary excess being payable by the Tenant).     

For the avoidance of doubt this clause shall not apply where the Landlord has an overriding statutory obligation to make the Accommodation or Common Parts safe.


Tenancy Fee payment


You are required to pay the Tenancy Fees for the Tenancy Period specified and in accordance with the details set out in the Allocation Letter attached. The Tenancy Fees include payment for lighting, water, reasonable heating and basic internet connection as set out in the Student Handbook.


For Tenants moving into the Accommodation at the beginning of the academic year, the Landlord permits the total cost of the Tenancy Fees to be divided into three instalments payable in September, January and April of the academic year in question and on the dates set out in the Allocation Letter attached.


Unless otherwise agreed by the Landlord in writing, the Tenancy Fee is payable whether or not or you occupy the Room for the Tenancy Period specified in the Allocation Letter.


Payment instructions, due dates for payment and the amount payable will be stated in the Allocation Letter to the Tenant.




A deposit of £300 will be taken to secure your booking.


The £300 will be held by a national deposit scheme as a security deposit against non-payment of residential fees and damages. Deposits (or the balance remaining) will be refunded after your tenancy has expired, room vacated, room check completed, all keys returned and all necessary deductions made (including the cost of any extra cleaning and building related repairs). The balance of the deposit will be returned as soon as it is practicably possible.


The Tenant is responsible for the furniture, fixtures and fittings inside the Room. Any loss or damage occurring during the Tenancy Period will be presumed to have been caused by the Tenant (or their visitor(s)) unless the Tenant can show otherwise. The Landlord will be entitled to charge the Tenant for the proper and reasonable costs of remedying any damage or replacing any missing item, and deduct such charges from the Deposit in accordance with clause 6.2. 


The Landlord has the right to determine the cost of damage to its property or loss arising from any breach of the terms and conditions herein and to fairly and reasonably apportion the damage or loss arising from any breach to an individual Tenant or group of Tenants. Your liability in respect of any such damage or loss will not necessarily be limited to the amount of the deposit. In circumstances in which it is found that you are liable for damage exceeding your deposit amount you shall remain liable for any additional sums due. In addition, the Landlord has the right to levy disciplinary fines against residents who breach the Tenancy obligations.


The Tenant is responsible for damage caused by any guest invited by them to the Accommodation’s premises.


Conduct and Safety

The Tenant agrees


To abide by the rules of the Accommodation specified in this Tenancy Agreement, the Student Handbook and all other related material.


Not to act in such a manner as to cause or be likely to cause disturbance, danger, distress or inconvenience to other residents, the neighbourhood or other persons going about their legitimate business in the Accommodation;


Not to act in a manner that is discriminatory on the grounds of gender, race, disability, age or sexual orientation either by conduct, spoken or written words or any form of behaviour directed at an individual which demeans them or creates an intimidating and hostile environment;


Not to bring into or use within the Accommodation any unlawful drugs or other such substance in accordance with the Accommodation policies.


Not to bring into the Accommodation anything which in the Landlord’s opinion is or may become dangerous, offensive, combustible, corrosive, inflammable, radioactive or explosive.


Not to interfere with any fire alarm, smoke detector, fire exit or any other fire-fighting equipment in the Accommodation.




Personal belongings left at the Room and Accommodation are left at the Tenant’s own risk. Please seek your own personal insurance cover as required.


Duration and Termination of Agreement


Unless the Tenant has made arrangements with the Landlord or its representative to arrive late, this Tenancy Agreement will automatically terminate in the event that the Tenant has not taken up residence within 7 days of the Tenancy Period commencing.


The Landlord may terminate this Tenancy Agreement at any time by serving notice on the Tenant if:


any payment is overdue by 21 days or more or


the person is in serious or persistent breach of any of the obligations within this Agreement;


the person has health or behaviour issue that is deemed by the Landlord to represent a serious risk to themselves or others or the Landlord’s or other people’s property


The Tenant may only terminate this Tenancy Agreement in accordance with this clause, and remains responsible for payment of the Tenancy Fee until either:


the Tenant has made any outstanding payments or fulfilled any obligations required under this agreement to the Landlord’s reasonable satisfaction; or


a replacement Tenant who is reasonably satisfactory to the Landlord as a Tenant and who is not already a Tenant of the Accommodation enters into a Tenancy Agreement with the Landlord (the Landlord’s Representative may assist you in finding a replacement, but does not guarantee it will be able to find one); and


The Tenant will pay a fee of £50 towards the Landlord’s costs of administration and cleaning the Room.


Conditions 9.3.1 to 9.3.2 shall not apply if the Tenant is able to show that the reason for termination is a serious or persistent breach of the Landlord’s obligations in this Tenancy Agreement.  The Landlord shall be entitled to fill any rooms which are already vacant before allocating people on its waiting list to the Accommodation.


If this Tenancy Agreement is terminated early by either the Landlord or the Tenant, the Landlord will refund the Deposit (after making any necessary deductions to cover its losses) as soon as possible after the termination becomes effective and any pre-paid Tenancy Fee will only be refunded for the period where the empty room caused by the Tenant’s early termination has been filled and there is no loss to the Landlord.


If this Tenancy Agreement is terminated early the Landlord will refund to the Tenant a fair proportion of pre-paid Tenancy Fee as soon as possible after termination, however in the event that the Landlord terminates this Tenancy Agreement pursuant to clause 9.2, any pre-paid Tenancy Fee shall only be refunded for the period in which the Landlord is able to, and after it has, re-let the Room.


The Landlord reserves the right to relocate the Tenant to comparable alternative accommodation during the Tenancy Period where it is reasonable to do so.


The Landlord’s Representative’s acceptance of the keys at any time shall not in itself be effective to terminate this Tenancy Agreement before the end of the Tenancy Period.


Tenant’s Rights to Cancel


if the Landlord has not met the Tenant before entering into this Tenancy Agreement under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, the Landlord is required to provide the Tenant with the information set out in clauses 10.2-10.4 below.


The Landlord is the supplier of the Accommodation.


The services which the Landlord will supply for the Tenancy Period, the price and the arrangements for payment are as set out in the Allocation Letter; The Student Handbook; and the contents of this Tenancy Agreement.


The Tenant has the right to cancel this Tenancy Agreement by giving to the Landlord written (by e-mail, fax or post) notice to reach the Landlord or its representatives within 10 working days of the date the Tenant accepted the Offer of Accommodation.


Any right to cancel under clause 10.4 does not apply once the Landlord has started to provide the Room to the Tenant (i.e. after the Tenant accepting the keys and/or moving in).


Liability of the Landlord


The Landlord’s liability for loss or damage to person or property is excluded unless the loss or damage is caused by the Landlord’s negligence, the Landlord’s breach of this Agreement or breach of its statutory obligations.


Vacating the Accommodation


The Tenant must vacate the Room at the end of the Tenancy Period or on the termination of this Agreement howsoever determined


The Landlord or its Representatives shall inspect the Room once it has been vacated by the Tenant. Where it is found that items on the inventory are either missing or damaged beyond that which the Landlord in its reasonable discretion decides is fair wear and tear, the Tenant will be charged with the cost of making good the loss or damage. 


Upon vacating the Room at the end of the Tenancy Period, or other specified time, the Tenant shall remove all personal effects, lock their room and surrender the key(s) to the Accommodation Reception before leaving the premises. Tenants who fail to return their keys before leaving will be required to pay a fixed charge for the purpose of replacing the keys/fobs and/or locks.


The Landlord will remove any items left in the Room by the Tenant at the end of the Tenancy Period and shall not be obliged to return any such items to the Tenant unless they are of obvious value. The Landlord will take reasonable steps to inform the Tenant of items of value left. If the Tenant cannot be traced, or fails to collect any such items within 30 days, the Landlord may, without incurring any liability, dispose of the items in what it considers to be the most appropriate way.  Any such disposal may result in the Tenant incurring additional costs.


The Landlord’s use of your personal information


You hereby authorise the Landlord and its permitted representatives to use your personal data for all lawful purposes in connection with this Tenancy Agreement (including but not limited to, debt recovery, crime prevention, the Landlord’s insurance policy, allocating rooms or where there is a serious risk of harm to you or to others or to the Landlord’s property).

This Tenancy Agreement should be read in conjunction with the Student Handbook, Disciplinary and Complaints Procedures and all tenant-related policies pertaining to the Accommodation.

Please refer to the Student Handbook and the staff at Accommodation Reception for the full list of charges for replacement, repairs and cleaning.

I understand and agree to the terms of this Tenancy Agreement.

This Tenancy Agreement made between you the Tenant and the Landlord is legally binding and both parties will be bound by it.

Name of Tenant

Signature of Tenant


Office use only


Signature on behalf of the Landlord




In consideration of the Landlord entering into this Agreement with the Tenant, the Guarantors

hereby covenant with the Landlord, as principal debtor, that:

1. the Tenant will pay all sums due under this Agreement on the date upon which they are due and observe and perform the provisions of this Agreement;

2. if the Tenant does not pay any sum due under this Agreement on the date on which it is due,

the Guarantors unconditionally guarantee due payment of all monies payable to the Landlord

under this Agreement within the time period set out within this Agreement and the Guarantors

agree to pay to the Landlord immediately on written demand any money so payable;

3. if the Tenant is in breach of any provision of this Agreement, the Guarantors will put the breach right on demand;

4. the Guarantors will pay the Landlord on demand on an indemnity basis all claims, demands, actions,

proceedings liabilities, losses liabilities and damage suffered or incurred (including professional costs

disbursements and expenses) as a result of a breach of this Agreement by the Tenant;

5 the Guarantors hereby agree that the guarantee cautioned in this Agreement shall not be affected

by any time or other indulgence the Landlord may see fit to grant the Tenant.

6. Please note this agreement must be signed immediately after the document has been signed by The Tenant.

7. The parties agree to be bound to each other only after the Guarantor has signed the document unless otherwise agreed by both parties.


Please complete all information in BLOCK CAPITALS


Full name


Telephone 1

Relationship to Tenant

Telephone 2


Email Address



Signed in the presence of:

The witness should be neither of the Guarantor nor the Tenant and must sign and date at the same date as the guarantee


Full name




City Centre Location
Inclusive Rent
Great transport links
Superfast Wi-Fi & Private LAN
Laundry on site
24 hour security

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Classic En-Suite Studio available for 51 weeks. Contact us at enquiries.stgeorgestower.uk@sodexo.com to arrange a viewing or to make a booking.
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Deluxe En-Suite Studio available for 51 weeks. Contact us at enquiries.stgeorgestower.uk@sodexo.com to arrange a viewing or to make a booking.