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11 Restaurants you Should Try in Newcastle

From one food lover to another, here are 11 restaurants you should try in Newcastle...


Japanese & Teppan-Yaki Restaurant

Prepare to be entertained as you eat with this unusual dining experience! Sit around a large grill and watch the chef as they prepare teppan-yaki. Expect to see roaring flames, eggs being thrown around and even catching food in your mouth!

NE4 5SP – 12 min drive or a 15 min walk from Oxford House


The Purple Peacock

Asian fusion cuisine

Live music, bottomless brunch, afternoon tea, amazing cocktails and jaw-dropping décor – if that sounds like a bit of you then be sure to take a visit to The Purple Peacock.

NE1 6BJ – 5 min drive or a 7 min walk from Oxford House



Pan-Asian Restaurant

The most incredible Pan-Asian restaurant you could ever imagine! Eat delicious Asian cuisine and try out different cocktails crafted by expert mixologists in a garden-inspired setting.

NE2 1QR – 7 min drive or a 13 min walk from Oxford House




Give your tastebuds a treat at Prima! This Italian restaurant is the perfect place to satisfy those pasta and pizza cravings. Choose from a great range of menus (including bottomless brunch!)

NE1 3JA – 6 min drive or a 10 min walk from Oxford House



Bistro, Bar & Café

The perfect place for brunch is here! Arlo serves their tasty food starting from breakfast, right through to the evening as well as having a bakery!

NE2 3DH – 12 min drive or a  30 min walk from Oxford House



Modern British Cuisine with International Flavours

A place where presentation matters, but the food is actually delicious! Seems like a win-win situation to us. Oh, did we forget to mention that they have the ‘Worlds Biggest Espresso Martini menu’?

NE1 6QQ – 4 min drive or a 6 min walk from Oxford House


The Dispensary

Coffee House + Eatery

Looking for the perfect breakfast spot? Look no further! The Dispensary offers a truly unique dining experience with chocolate filled syringes and speciality drinks such as drip coffee served in lab beakers. Just check out their Insta and see for yourself!

NE4 5TN – 13 min drive or a 14 min walk from Oxford House


St Sushi


Sushi mad?! It’s a good job that St Sushi have a loyalty club! Enjoy authentic Japanese food at a really good price – whether that’s bento boxes, noodle soup, curry or sushi!

NE1 4AE – 13 min drive or a 13 min walk from Oxford House



Contemporary Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Bar, Grill and Late Bar

Enjoy food, drink and dancing at Aveika in the most stunning venue! Be sure to check out what events are happening and plan that bottomless brunch perfectly!

NE1 3AF – 11 min drive or a  12 min walk from Oxford House


Little Asia

Chinese Restaurants - Serve Chinese hot pots

Ever tried Chinese hot pots? Cook your chosen ingredients at the table in a simmering hot pot and keep it personalised to you!

NE1 4XQ – 11 min drive or an 11 min walk from Oxford House


Aidan’s Kitchen

Coffee Shop

If you’re looking for tasty, visually appealing food in a more relaxed setting, try Aidan’s Kitchen! There’s so much variation in dishes to choose from (you might have to visit a few times…oops). Oh, and the desserts are a must too!

NE2 1RH – 8 min drive or a 17 min walk from Oxford House


Which Newcastle restaurant takes your fancy? (All of them we hope). Let us know which one you’ll be paying a visit to first.

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