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12 Easy-Peasy Recipes That Will Save you Time

There’s no worse feeling than being super hungry but not knowing what to cook! Turn those loonnng minutes you spend thinking about what to do into minutes of prep with these 12 recipes!

Here are 12 easy-peasy recipes that will save you time:


1. Patatas Bravas

The most under-rated dish of all time! Whilst this might not be the traditional way of making this Spanish tapas dish, it’s much less calorific, uses less ingredients and is SO simple!


2. Mini Banana & Chocolate Chip Cakes

Fancy something sweet for afters? The chances are you’ll probably have the majority of these ingredients lying around in your cupboard somewhere!


3. One-pan Creamy Chicken & Gnocchi

You know what one-pan means... less dishes to wash! No one likes the sight of pots and pans stacked high next to the kitchen sink. As well as that, this dish is delicious and can easily be made in larger quantities if you happen to be feeding a few other people!


4. Easy Sweet & Sour Chicken

This recipe has us drooling. You’ll be saving money by ditching the takeaways and the best bit is that it takes hardly any time at all! Throw it together with some egg-fried or boiled rice to serve.


5. 15-Minute Honey Garlic Chicken

Name a better food combo than garlic and honey, we’ll wait. This recipe uses only 5 ingredients and would go nice with rice and greens!


6. Minted Pea & Lemon Carbonara

If you’re wanting a bit more of a fancy dish (or a meal to impress) then this one’s for you! It’s super easy and uses ingredient’s you’ve probably already got in the fridge!


7. Sticky Orange-Glazed Salmon

We know what you’re thinking… orange with fish? Surely not! But believe us when we say you need to try it!


8. Easy Chocolate Fudge Cake

Another one for a quick dessert! Make as big or as little of a cake as you like by doubling or halving the amount of ingredients in the recipe.


9. Mushroom Bolognese

Are you even at uni if you don’t eat a pasta dish at least once a week? Swap out the pasta sauce jars for a freshly prepared  one with this easy mushroom-based recipe!


10. Crispy Chilli Beef

Who doesn’t love a bit of crispy chilli beef? This recipe requires quite a few ingredients but it’s SO worth it! Enjoy this dish on it’s own, or with some rice.


11. Potato Salad

If you’re not in the mood for a warm meal, then potato salad makes the perfect snack. It uses very few ingredients but is full of flavour!


12. Chicken Pad Thai

If you’re like us and obsessed with Thai food, then you’re going to have to give this recipe a go! This dish would be a good one to attempt when you’re cooking for a group, it’s stuffed full of veggies meaning it can be stretched quite a long way!


We hope these recipes will give you some hours of your evenings back! Click here to read more articles like this one.

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