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'Veggie' or 'Vegan'

Eating Veggie or Vegan at University is an increasing trend. If you're considering this lifestyle change, don't forget these hints, tips and tricks.

One of the biggest trends at the moment is being veggie and vegan but, for a growing number of younger people, this is becoming a way of life. 

As well as the obvious reasons for these choices, becoming veggie or vegan can actually be cheaper than being a meat eater. Vegetables are much cheaper than meat, and with the increasing number of people adopting this lifestyle, so have the vegetarian and vegan options in supermarkets.


Veggies are the hero 

We all know the 5-a-day rule, but are you really getting 5 full portions a day? Becoming veggie or vegan is a great way of increasing the amount of fruit and veg you eat. When you do your weekly food shop, why not add a piece of fruit or veg that you wouldn’t normally buy or have never even tried before? You’ll be amazed at the array of fantastic fruit & veg that there is out there! 


Savvy Swaps 

Becoming veggie or vegan doesn't mean missing out, in fact it's the complete opposite. Meat alternatives, and 'like- for- like' swaps are considered tastier by non-meat eaters and have far less fat in them. See a few below...


Beef steak - Cauliflower, beetroot, tempeh.

Mince meat - Lentils, beans, chickpeas, other peas and walnuts.

Chicken - Tofu, eggplant, jackfruit and cauliflower.

Pork - Jackfruit. 

Eggs - Flaxseeds, bananas, tofu, aquafaba, chia seeds, avocado, apple sauce, nut butters.

Cow’s milk- Nut, soy, oat, coconut and plant milks.

Cheese- cashew, coconut, almond and soy cheeses.

Butter- Veggie marg or vegan alternatives, hummus, avocado, coconut oil and nut butters.

Yoghurt- Vegan, soya, almond or coconut yogurt. 


Buy cupboard staples 

The vast range of beans, lentils and pulses that become rather vital to a veggie or vegan diet are normally sold dried or tinned and therefore have a fantastic shelf life. 


Food prep 

Throwing a nutritious veggie or vegan meal together needs planning. Make a meal list at the beginning of the week, and a shopping list. Planning ahead takes a half the stress and time out of cooking at dinner time. 


Use your freezer and cook in bulk

You’re freezer is your friend. Spending all that time chopping and preparing your ingredients for 1 meal is such a waste. Cooking in bulk and freezing for the rest of the week will save you tons of time and washing up. 



Make sure you have plenty of snacks in your bag, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, chopped veg and veggie/vegan dips e.g. hummus. 

But if you are craving something sweet, did you know Gelatine Free Frui-tella Gummies, Giant Bournville Chocolate Buttons, Non- Dairy Ben & Jerry's are all vegan?  

*puts 3 of each in basket*. Thank us later. 


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