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Best Takeaways in Newcastle

From one foodie to another. Make sure to check out these must-try fast-food restaurants in Newcastle. Whether it's been a long day at uni, or you've got nothing in for tea, or you just fancy a treat, we have you covered.

There’s no worse feeling than getting in after a long day at Uni to nothing in the fridge. Don't stress, we have you covered. Turn them long minutes worrying about what to cook, into exploring these amazing takeaway restaurants in Newcastle. 

All the below restaurants can be found on Deliveroo. They have different offers on so be sure to check them out before paying.


Here are the best fast-food takeaways in Newcastle for you to try! 


  • Harry's Bar and Restaurant - Italian with lots to choose from including pizza, pasta, mains, fajitas, salads and loads of starters! Rated 4.9 stars Excellent. 
  • Fred’s fried chicken - American inspired with choices of chicken wings, tenders and sandwiches. Plus some amazing fries and sauces including ranch and Korean BBQ! Rated 4.6 stars Excellent. 
  • Burger Drop - Beef, chicken, veggie and vegan burgers! What more could you ask for? They also have lots of delicious sides, desserts and milkshakes, Burger Drop is definitely a must-try. Rated 4.7 stars Excellent
  • Amaysia Restaurant - Chinese restaurant with a great selection of dishes meaning there is something for everyone. Rated 4.4 stars Very Good. 
  • Oki Poke - one for sushi lovers. Including a variety of sushi rolls, sushi burritos, sharing platters and poke bowls. Rated 4.7 stars Excellent. 
  • Zaap Thai Street Food - If you love Thai food this one's for you. Amazing selection including dim sum, noodles, soup, salad, grill and plant-based alternatives. Rated 4.5 stars Excellent. 
  • Firestone Artisan - Pizza heaven. Every pizza topping you can imagine on either a 14” or 20” base. Also a great selection of dough balls and dipping sauces. Rated 4.6 stars Excellent. 


If you want to have a yummy dinner but don’t want to order in, no problem we have 12 Easy-Peasy recipes to try. Or if you want to treat yourself and feel like eating out, check out these 11 restaurants you should try in Newcastle.




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