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Budget Student Meals

Trying to create tasty meals that won't break the bank whilst at Uni can be challenging. We have some useful tips!

Food. It keeps us alive and is one of the great joys of life. But when you’re a student it can become less of a  priority, whether that’s down to studying or money. But it’s SUPER important to eat food that is balanced & nutritious and to eat regularly. 


4 Key things to remember when considering food in a supermarket


1. Variety. Please don’t just buy 7 pizza’s and think your sorted for the week. It’s important to eat from the different food groups. 

2. Shelf life. We’ve all heard the horror stories of finding a 3 year old carrot in the back of the cupboard. Buy items that will last and buy fresh as you need it. 

3. Versatility. Yes you may enjoy the flavour of ‘Grains of Paradise’ but are you going to use them in your spag bol?

4. Cost. You may enjoy a continental breakfast at home, but that doesn't mean you can afford to have one every day. You need to budget and look out for what’s on offer.


Now you’ve bought all your food, now it’s time to get cooking...

We understand that people have varying tastes and abilities in the kitchen, but we’ve compiled a list of easy and nutritious student friendly meals, which will you can recreate time and time again. 


Falafel Burgers. 

Super tasty, vegan, filling and easy! You can always make a batch of falafel, then freeze and hey presto you’ve got falafel for next week!


Nasi Goreng. 

This student friendly dish ready is in 20 minutes! Warning, this indonesian dinner has a bit of a kick, but is full of flavour.


Margherita Pizza.

Now i know we said ‘No’ to 7 pizza’s. But 1 a week is perfectly acceptable! 


Sausage & Beans (but fancier).

This twist on a classic can easily be cooked in bulk and you’ve got your dinners for the week sorted! Plus it’s delicious!


Tuna sweetcorn cakes.

A budget meal for watching those pennies. Tasty, easy and another meal to add to your repertoire. 



All the taste, but with less sugar and fat. Flapjacks are great for popping into your bag and as a library snack!

So why not give these recipes a go? And share your results! But if you’re not feeling any of these, ‘BBC Good Food’ has hundreds of recipes for students on a budget, students who are veggie, students who are vegan and students students who love to bake!

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