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Christmas Shopping on a Budget

We’ve got some great tips and tricks for shopping for Christmas gifts on a budget.


Christmas isn’t the cheapest time of year, but it sure is one of the best. But when you’re a student, it can be difficult really enjoying this time of the year if you are limiting yourself. We’ve got some great tips and tricks for shopping for Christmas gifts on a budget.


Set a spending limit for each person

Make a plan of what you’re prepared to spend on each person. Remember to be smart with who you buy presents for, don’t go crazy, you can’t buy for every single person you know. 


Make a list

Write down what you want to get for each person, this will not only make shopping easier and quicker, but it means you won’t buy extra things you see. 


Shop alone 

As much as we love friends, and shopping with them. They can be the worst when we're working on a budget, they encourage you to just buy, buy, buy and when Christmas shopping we need to keep focused. 


Put others first 

It’s hard buying for others, and not treating yourself after all that hard work. But remember you will receive presents at Christmas, wait and see what you receive and then if there is something you still really want, buy it after Christmas in the sales. 


Be money clever 

Search for ways to save the pounds, discount cards, sales, multi-buys and shop around. Do your research beforehand to find the best places with the best deals. 


Kids in the fam 

You can guarantee that any kids in the family will be spoiled beyond belief, and your parents will buy for the kids in the family, But if you do want to get them something, then something small will do just fine. 


Wrap everything

Wrapping things individually will make it seem like you’ve bought more than you have. If you buy a multipack of PJss or socks, for example, wrap them all separately. 



If you have a sibling, why not pool your money and buy gifts for your parents? This makes buying more expensive items actually do-able. 


The little bits 

Don’t forget about all the little bits you need to buy, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, sellotape, tags, bags, and even Christmas food, oh the Christmas snacks.


Whatever your budget, remember what the real purpose of Christmas is, spending time with those who you love. If you can get people gifts, then great, and if not don’t worry, you’re a student, everyone knows students don’t have that much money!


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