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Decorating your Uni Room

Decorating your Uni room is such a great opportunity to create a space which reflects your personality and one that feels like home when you're actually away from home.


Moving to uni and decorating your uni room is such a big deal, this is officially YOUR space, and yours alone. It’s important to make it feel like home and make it feel like yours. (Obviously, we're not talking about painting, but putting your personality into the room). We’ve got a few bits you need to take to uni. 


A mirror- even though most uni rooms will have a mirror, they may not be in the best place with the best lighting. Take a couple of mirrors to uni, a smaller one you can hold, and maybe a bigger one with a stand. 


Storage boxes- a lack of space means your uni room can seem messier than it actually is. Label the storage boxes to keep everything organised, plus you can stack them leaving more floor space. 


Drawer organisers- normally, student rooms are smaller than your bedroom at home, and you’ll probably have less storage space to put all of your stuff. Draw organisers are great for maximising the space you do have and keeping all your stuff organised. 


Plants- these are all the rage now, and we’re loving it. If you don’t already have lots of plants, maybe start with cactus and work your way up to an orchid (the ultimate pro plant). These inject some colour into your room as well as bringing the outside in. 


Nice bedding- Uni rooms don’t allow you to paint a wall and wallpaper, so getting some nice colourful bedding is a great way of getting personality into your room. Most rooms have a plain colour palette so most bedding will look nice. 


A cosy blanket- for when you’re missing home, feeling a bit blah or even just a little cold in those winter months. A nice chunky knit blanket or a fluffy throw can look lovely on your bed as well as providing a hug. 


Lighting- fairy lights, a quirky lamp, or even a disco ball. Student accommodation rooms normally have 1 window, so get some extra lighting into your room, plus, your room will look fab at night.


Decorative items- Even though you can’t ‘decorate’ your uni room, you can 100% bring lots of decorative bits that make your room yours. From ornaments and mirrors to diffusers and your favourite poster. Remember you have a noticeboard where you can pin things, plus velcro strips are great for walls as they don’t leave any marks. 


Desk storage- every student room has a desk, and obviously this is vital for any student. However a good student will keep their desk organised and tidy, with pots, drawers and files, plus it looks super aesthetically pleasing.

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