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Easy Ways to Save Money

Socialising, being in a society and feeding yourself can become expensive when you're a student. We've got some advice which could help.

We understand at Uni all you want to do is ‘Live Your Best Life’ on what can seem a dismal budget, so saving where you can really can make a difference.

Now it may seem crazy us telling you to do a Big Shop that will probably cost you more than you would normally spend on your trip to Tesco. However, doing a larger shop at Aldi or Lidl will save you money in the long run, buying freezer friendly and cupboard essentials is a great place to start because they last! Then you can always nip into a (normally more expensive) Tesco express if you need a lettuce or some bananas if you desperately need them. 

So what do you do with all the food you’ve just bought? Food Prep! Spending no more than 1 hour, creating and lunches and dinners for the week. Trust us, you’ll be so glad you put a little effort in at the start of the week, then for the rest of the week you’ll need no prep time at all!

Food and drink are normally at the centre of everything for  students, especially the good stuff Coffee. Walk down any student street and you’ll see an abundance of tired students holding a cup of steaming coffee. But coffee can be very expensive, if you can’t help getting a coffee from a highstreet coffee shop, why not invest in a Reusable Coffee Cup. When you use these cups most cafes will actually knock money off your coffee for not using one of theirs! If you can compromise, Coffee Sachets are fantastic, at a fraction of the price and still delicious. Great for popping in your bag and using at uni, for when 1 cup just won’t do. 

Speaking of drinks, we all know students tend to go out more than others and enjoy a drink. But drinks especially cocktails can be super expensive, with some reaching £14 a drink! We understand socialising and having a drink is not something you’ll want to miss out on, so why not Pre- Drink with friends in your student accommodation, as Supermarket Alcohol can be a fraction of the price. Then when you go out, having soft drinks or tap water. But remember please drink responsibly!

With all of the freshers events, finding a new outfit every time can be a struggle and what do you do when you’ve worn everything? Charity Shops are great places to look in student cities, because who will be donating their clothes… Students! But if you can’t find anything that suits you in charity shops, why not do a Clothes Swap with Friends, recycling and reusing is not only kind to your purse but to the environment. 

However, if you’re in desperate need of  essentials like, shampoo, or your favourite mascara, shop around! The beauty of living in a student city is that there's normally lots of shops and most will offer a Student Discount. Do a quick online search before you buy, and check out where you can get the product at the best price. 

We know that lots of emails can be frustrating, but be clever and sign up to Free Apps and Emails which send out discount codes, their latest offers and exclusive deals. In some cities, you can get 50% off your food bills for just having their app. Some stores also offer Loyalty Cards, most are free so get them all and get rewarded for just shopping there, and when your points add up you can spend these in that store, isn’t that basically free money? 

Finally, most students don’t take full advantage of all the social events and discounts organised by the SU. Check they've out what they have organised, from trips to the seaside and exclusive High Street sample sales, these are not to be missed!

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