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Fashion for Summer 2020 

It looks like we're all going to be spending Summer of 2020 in the UK, but that doesn't mean missing out on the summer fashion trends...

So with having a summer holiday looking like a distant wish, most of us won’t be buying bikinis and flip-flops to wander around the house in. Fashion for this summer might be a little different because obviously, we don't have 40 degree summers. However there may be quite a few stores which have to sell their summer stock off quicker than normal because of high street stores being shut during lockdown, (so keep a lookout for potential deals and huge savings, don’t quote us though). Plus if you buy it now and save it for next year, no one else will have it, result. 


A big focus of the spring/ summer 2020 collections is wearability, being able to pull a few things out of your wardrobe and knowing that they will look fabulous together. Building a capsule wardrobe that can be worn for 12 months is ideal and not to mention more sustainable for the environment, mixing knitwear and leather with floaty fabrics and bold prints that can be worn on a beach or at a festive party. Designers may have become more aware, of how many of us are realistically prepared to wear runway-inspired designs day to day, so fashion is becoming more accessible and inclusive. 


Suits have been a wardrobe staple since we can remember. But this summer suits have been upgraded to short suits, wearable to any event, day or night. Longer shorts (or shorter if you're feeling cheeky), paired with a blouse, a blue oxford button shirt, a striped shirt, a cute vest or full shirt and waistcoat. Neutrals are big, and leather suit shorts are even bigger! We love a full matching short suit, but then again rules are made to be broken. 


A trend which comes back around every few years, Neon is great for creating an impact when you enter any room. With more feminine colours like pink and orange, to more tropical vibes with blue, green and yellows. This trend has come straight from the catwalk and high street stores are creating unbelievable dupes. We would recommend head-to-toe when doing neon, there is just no other way. 


We're talking about extreme femininity when we talk about all white. Clean lines, floaty materials, luxury silk, embroidery and delicate flowers. An easy summertime look which you can wear at the beach, out with friends or at a wedding, just make sure to stay away from pets, red wine, food and anything which could even slightly mark your gorgeous outfit. All white dresses can take heavy and more edgy accessories, so don’t shy away from these. 


The ladies waistcoat is extremely flattering, worn with a floaty boho shirt and tiny shorts, with an office shirt and pinstripe trousers or nothing underneath and cowboy boots for uber festival vibes. Seen all over runways for spring and summer for 2020, highstreet versions can be found in so many different colours and patterns. 


Feeling a little risky? Well, cut-outs and sheer are in this season (weather depending). Cut-outs give an extra bit of detail by taking away a small amount of fabric and exposing that gorgeous tan you worked all summer to get, with this, less is 100% more. Whereas sheer is about adding more material that is slightly see-through, because who doesn't want to show off those fabulous clothes you've paid good money for. Maybe more for holidays and BBQ’s, sheer clothing might not be suitable for walking down the frozen aisle in your local supermarket. 


Bold, beautiful and oh so on-trend, tropical prints in every single form are in right now. Whether you dress it up or down, tropical prints are sure to turn heads. There are hundreds of prints and colours available, all over the high street, with accessories, shoes, to suits and full-length dresses. We would suggest a staple item which can be styled in various ways. 


You may not think of coats when you think of summer but think again. Trench coats are cool, easy to style and are a great go-to option. Probably a good option for a cooler summer day, but these can be worn with shorts as well as flare jeans and boots. Make sure to get a trench with a belt to really pull in the waist for shape and style with some killer accessories and even sunglasses to make it extra chic. 


Denim is a staple in every single person's wardrobe. Jeans, shirts, jackets, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits, bags, and the list goes on. Have a rummage through your parents and even grandparents wardrobes and find flares and old jackets, these are super in right now, vintage and environmentally friendly, it's a win-win. 


Sometimes runway fashion can seem a million miles away from what you can afford, however, the simple button-down shirt was seen all over the runway and this is totally doable for every single person no matter what your budget. Pair it with everything from a long sequined skirt and heels to casual denim shorts and trainers, this truly versatile piece is super wearable, we’d recommend getting a few different colours/ patterns.  


Textures of every kind are big for spring/ summer 2020, with a big focus on natural textures like ruffles, straw, rattan etc etc. These have been seen on dresses, skirts, feminine tops and lots of different accessories, with runway dupes found in every highstreet shop. We are loving pretty fringing, paired with pearls and pretty accessories, sipping on a cool lemonade sat in the sun. 


All trends come back into fashion every few years and the 70’s vibe seems to combine all the seasons’ trends, for an awesome look. Think suits, big collars, bold prints, textured dresses and statement sunglasses. 70’s isn't restricted, dress it up and add glitter, or dress it down with no accessories.


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