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First Week Tips & Tricks

Starting Uni is such an exciting time, but it can be very overwhelming. We've got some great tips & tricks for making freshers week awesome, whilst taking care of yourself.


Prepare before you go 

You’ll probably end up moving approx 95.9% of all your possessions, but you really don't need to. However preparation is key, things like Stationery, Cutlery, Bedding and plenty of clothes are a great place to start, along with cosmetics and cleaning products. If you’re struggling with what is classed as ‘essential’ click here (link needed). Remember not to forget all your important documents for uni, your ID, and of course some money!



We know it’s exciting, you’ve got your student loan and...all that money!! But steady on, you will need to budget, all that money has got to last you until January! Yes January, that’s throughout freshers, Christmas and New Year. Some students do get a part-time job to help out, or run a small business but every student has to budget, click here (link needed) for your free budget sheet. And remember if you do need to buy something, shop around and use your student discount! 


Get to know where you’re living 

You’re in a new city, with new people and new places. First of all, get to know your student accommodation, where the laundry room, reception and social spaces are. Before your lectures start, get to know your campus, they’re huge places with thousands of rooms all with names like ‘L2.304.c’, if you’ve got your timetable, great! Check out which rooms you’ll be in. Also check out the library, you’ll become good friends. And finally get to know the city, find out where your nearest Aldi, Superdrug and Argos are (great if you've forgotten something big).



It may seem daunting but making friends is part of uni. Just put yourself out there, say hi to people in your accommodation, introduce yourself to people on your course and get yourself to some fantastic freshers events! Another great way of meeting new people is to join a society, there is literally something for everyone! Just remember when you’re going out with friends to swap numbers and arrange a meeting place if one of you gets lost, freshers can be pretty busy, so staying safe needs to be your #1 priority. 


Eat something other than pizza

Even though pizza is possibly one of the most delicious things on planet earth. Eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 8 days straight probably isn't the best. Get to your local supermarket when you first arrive and do a big shop, make sure you get some fruit, veg and cupboard staples! Great tip- aim for 3 different colours on your plate (note: beige does not count as a colour!)


Make yourself at home 

Your going to be spending a lot of time at your student accommodation, your room is your home for at least the next year so make it yours. We’re not talking wallpaper, but photos, fairy lights, your favourite bedding, as long as it doesn't affect your tenancy agreement, go to town! You need to create a cosy and homely feeling, as getting a good night's sleep is just as important as eating well or exercising whilst at uni. And remember what you’re there for, create a space dedicated to studying, have all your stationery and books on your desk, so when you need to get studying you’re ready. 


Keep in touch with family 

Just a text every couple of days or a phone call to a few people at home, whether its parents, grandparents or siblings. They will really appreciate it, because believe it or not, they’ll be worrying about you, how you’re getting on and if you’re eating correctly. And they’ll miss you. Plus, you’ll probably benefit too, hearing a familiar voice and having a catch up will give you a little boost, even if you think you’re not homesick, there will be times when you are. 


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