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Food Trends for 2020

Keep up to date with the food trends of 2020, from alternative ingredients to flexitarian eating, try a few out this year!

Let’s face it, whatever age, food is basically at the centre of our lives. Food is used to socialise, we think about it, look at it and take 50 angled photos of it so the avo on toast looks just right. Food has become more than a necessity, cooking is now a hobby and as a nation, we’re getting more experimental. We’ve got some foodie trends for 2020 that you just have to try. 

CBD can be found in drinks, chocolate, spread and a whole range of products.  Some say this rise in popularity is down to the closing gap between medicine and food and how what we eat affects us on a bigger scale than just energy. 

Local eating has increased with many consumers becoming more concerned about the journey their food takes and how environmentally friendly their foods really are. This trend will lead to a more seasonal diet, using what we can grow at specific times of the year much closer to home. 

Biltong fits in with popular paleo and keto lifestyles as it provides a delicious protein punch without any scary additives. 

More fish will be found in our diets, some say, with a new trend of treating fish like meat, and using more experimental processes such as smoking, pickling and ageing. 

Vegan, Vegetarian and Flexitarian lifestyles are on the rise. Again with environmental impact at the heart of this change, people are totally changing their diets and favouring more plant-based products than ever before. 

Alternatives for well-known ingredients have become more popular over the past couple of years, maybe as a result of Veganism or consumers just becoming more adventurous. Before we had regular plain flour, now we have almond, cassava, chickpea, cauliflower, cashew, coconut and rice flour, plus many more, the choices! There are alternatives for a huge range of ingredients popping up for almost all dairy products, meats, any products derived from animals.

Less single-use plastics has been a growing trend, maybe not a food trend but food that is  wrapped in single-use plastic is now being shunned by more consumers.. 

Healthy eating will always be a big deal for some people, but ditching ‘diets’ and adopting a more healthy lifestyle has become more popular. With people buying sugar-free and fat-free alternatives, creating delicious fakeaways, cooking from scratch and eating more fruit and vegetables. 

Drinking less alcohol is on the rise, with younger people leading this trend. Alcohol-free drinks have become much more experimental, they are no longer boring and have all the garnishes just like a regular alcoholic cocktail. Alongside the rise in a healthier lifestyle and the hangover-free weekends, we can see why this has become a trend. 

Whether you’re trying out all these food trends, you’ve given one a go or your thinking about it. Make sure you do your research and check that you are in good health before you change your diet. 
Information taken from BBC Food

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