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Getting around your new city

Knowing how to get around your new student city is important. We've got some very useful information on how best to do just this.

Getting around your new student city can differ from person to person, whether you’ll be travelling into a big city from your family home, or whether you’ll be living in a brand new city and getting the full Uni experience. It’s important to know where you're going, how you can travel from place to place and which is this best option for you. 



Lots of University cities in the UK and all over the world have tram services running through the city and neighbouring areas. There are usually a number of tram stops within city centres making them a great choice if you need to visit multiple places in the city centre. There are normally a few different lines which travel in different directions and you find that lots of stops have rail and bus interchanges. You could say that trams are like the underground, but above the ground and maybe a little less often. 


Free travel

Some big cities in the UK offer some free transport services which run in the city centre. These usually run within a small area and have fewer stops. However if you’re living in the city centre they’re awesome, or even great to use if you're spending the day in the city. Free transport will always be a great option. 



Probably the most common form of public transport with non-students and students. Buses run all over the UK and at all times of the day. It’s best to decide on your desired final location, find out what routes run there and afterwards identify which stops close to you are on these routes, since there are so many route options within cities. 


Underground/ Metro 

Some of the bigger UK cities have underground  or similar services, which are basically trains that run in a smaller area and stop more often. These are a great choice for getting around larger cities, without hitting any traffic or delays. 



This is probably the most common way that students get around cities. It's free, a great way to get exercise and most students tend to live pretty close to everything they need. If you’re walking anywhere at night be sure there are street lights, and you let someone know you’re heading out and when you get back.



Lots of students wouldn't think about using a Taxi since they are probably the most expensive way to get around a city. However, if you’re heading somewhere out of the city, with no bus stops or tram stops nearby, this may be a good choice. Why not get a bus as far as possible, and take the last part of the journey in a taxi to save on the cost? Taxis are also a smart choice if you’re on a night out, share a taxi with a friend and make sure you get home safely. 


Your own car 

If you’re lucky enough to have your own car, lots of students take these to uni and use them to get around. Driving yourself around is a great way to get from A to B, but traffic and parking must be considered, maybe find a car park a little out the way with better prices and avoid the busiest times to drive in the city centre. 



Probably the healthiest way of travelling around a city centre. Lots of student accommodation buildings have bike storage, meaning you can bring your bike from home, keep it safe and travel around your city for free. Make sure you're familiar with the rules of biking on roads, signals and the best routes to take. 


Whichever mode of transport you choose, be sure to check if they do a student fare (most will) or even a student pass, meaning you can take unlimited journeys and really make use of the pass. 


For information about public transport in your student city, see below the relevant links 

Birmingham Transport

Newcastle Transport

Greenwich Transport

Leicester Transport

Canterbury Transport


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