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How to Ace Final Year

Everyone knows that final year, is the the year that really matters. Lots of hard work, effort and time spent in the library. We've got some top tips on how to ace final year.


Now, if you’re currently in your final year or are going to be starting your final year of studies next year, everyone knows this is the year that matters most (meaning lots of hard work). Long gone are the days where you could binge your favourite Netflix series for hours on end, and spend time in the library discussing what you are making for dinner. Final year is crunch time, however, don’t be scared, it's realistically 7 months of hard work and you get your degree! 


So we’ve got some simple, but nevertheless, very important tips to ace final year. 


Get up early

Yes, early, not 10am, were talking 7am. You’ll be surprised how much extra work you can get done between 8am and 10am. And if you get into the routine of getting up early, it’ll gradually become more natural, and easier!


Plan your days 

Plan out what you’re doing each day, make a list and tick each task off. Book meetings with lecturers and library rooms for group work (you’ll thank us later). Getting organised means you’ll stay on track and be well prepared when it comes to exam time. 


Use Uni Resources 

Your University provides so many FREE resources for you to utilise, and students in 1st and 2nd year rarely do, but in 3rd year use these to your full advantage. How to write a Literature Review, yes, How to Reference, absolutely and How to Collect Data, sign us up!


Take care of yourself 

Maintain a healthy diet, try not to drink regularly, do some exercise, get lots of sleep, and talk to others, sharing your feelings and emotions (no one said 3rd year was easy). 


Allow yourself some time off 

Everything in life is about balance. All work and no play isn’t healthy for anyone. Plan a night in with friends, a nice dinner out or a pamper night with a great film. 


Don't make comparisons

Every single student's Uni journey is different, you’ll complete projects at different times and naturally work in different ways. Focus on your journey. 



You’ve done it, Uni, completed it (tick). Getting a degree is such a huge achievement, plan a celebration where you say, yes did do it, and well done me!

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