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How to Ace Freshers Week

Everyone says that Freshers' Week is THE best week you'll have at Uni. From the parties and societies to meeting new friends and just having a blast. We've got some tips to have the best freshers' week possible.

Freshers Week is THE week of Uni to totally go all out. It’s the time where you meet lots of new people, try out lots of new activities and basically just have the time of your life before the learning starts. We’ve got some top tips on how to ace freshers week and start uni off in the best way. 


  1. Get a doorstop. Leave your uni room door open so that people can walk in and say “Hi”, it just makes getting to know people a lot easier.
  2. Get a box of chocolates or some sort of snacks to pop in the kitchen, it’s just something simple to give to your new flatmates and a great way of breaking the ice. Besides, who doesn't love a choccie? 
  3. Go to the Freshers Fair. You’ll be surprised with how many freebies you can get at these, from pens and bags to vouchers for food and shops. Plus you can sign up to societies and clubs here where you'll meet lots of new people. 
  4. Budget, I know a bit boring but you don’t want to get to October and already have no money left. Obviously, you want to enjoy yourself, so allow more money for Freshers Week, but don’t blow it all. 
  5. Get unpacked and settled early on. You want as much time free to enjoy yourself, plus when Freshers Week is over you’ll be glad you sorted out all those boxes when you moved in. 
  6. Remember to eat. It’s important to make sure you’re eating well and getting some fruit and veg. It’s important to make sure you keep healthy, but also it’s a great way to meet friends, over a boujee brunch or a quirky lunch. 
  7. Stay safe whenever you go out. Make a buddy and agree to accompany each other safely home, familiarise yourself with where you are going beforehand, eat before a night out and make sure to keep your belongings close. 
  8. Remember to register. You will normally have a few meetings to attend during Freshers Week, to register, get your timetable and meet others on your course. Also, there's registration at your local GP, you probably don't need them, but just in case. 
  9. Have fun. Freshers Week will only happen once, so enjoy it, try new activities, make new friends and start your uni experience off the best way!
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