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How to procrastinate like a pro

We've all procrastinated, but we've got a few ideas on how to procrastinate like an absolute pro!

Procrastination is seen as such a bad thing. But we think that procrastination should be seen as a welcome distraction from all the stress of Uni, studying and everyday stuff. If you’re gonna procrastinate, do it well and make it worth it!


Make a to-do list

Write everything down that you need to do and probably should be doing. Once you can see everything in front of you, you’ll feel much more motivated and organised even though you’ve done nothing. 



You’ll be surprised how better you feel when everything has been cleaned. Plus having a good deep clean will keep germs at bay, keeping you feeling healthy all year through (cleaning does need to be done way more than once a year…)


Do your Laundry

We're not just talking a wash, we're talking multiple washes, bedding, towels the lot, THEN drying and ironing. It’s a big job that’ll fill all that time you don't have. 


Sort out your calendar

Put all your appointments, assignments, deadlines, birthdays, events, nights out, and anything else you can think of into your diary. It’ll keep you organised and prepared. 


A good tidy 

From under your bed and in your desk drawers, to under the kitchen sink and at the bottom of your wardrobe. Tidy everywhere, have a clear-out and donate unwanted items to charity. As Mary Kondo would say, you need to ask yourself... ‘does this item spark joy?’


Clean out your inbox 

We think the average number of emails each person has is quickly reaching 409,560,326. Do you really need that email from 5 years ago about superdrug skincare offers that have expired? No, no you don’t 



Skincare and your wellness is super important. So a good long bubble bath, candles, a good hair mask, finished by a 10-step skin routine will have you feeling the cleanest you’ve ever been. Why not go the whole hog and exfoliate, buff and moisturise once you’re dry, hey we’re not judging this amount of procrastination 



The obvious one you've been waiting for.. A Nap! Naps are just fantastic. That's all. 


Buzzfeed quizzes

Yes you know. Wondering what kind of pasta dish you are? Want to know which disney villain you are? Get yourself to Buzzfeed and have all of your questions answered. 



Whether it's baking a cake, creating a 15-item Sunday roast or just simple garlic bread, food is one of the best ways to procrastinate. Not only will you only be developing your skills, but giving yourself some well deserved rest when you tuck into your food whilst watching 3 (or 5) episodes, because cooking is exhausting.

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