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How to Socialise on a Budget

Trying to find ways of socialising when you're on a budget can be difficult, so we've got some suggestions!

When you’re at university, you are not exactly rolling in the money. But socialising is such a large part of University life and you can't miss out on that! You need to find a balance between the two, but we’ve got some tips and tricks that will help you save money whilst enjoying time with your friends. 


Find places which have student offers 

There are plenty of places which have students offers and nights. Do a little research before and plan your week around these, you’ll save some serious dough. 


Buy your own snacks/ drinks and stay in

Eating out is nice, but not friendly on the old student budget. Why not head to the local supermarket, pick up some bits and make your own dinner? Fajitas are great for sharing and enjoying whilst watching a film. 



Takeaways can be super expensive but lord they are delicious. Creating your own fakeaway will not only save you money, but it's better for your health too. Click here for some ideas. 



A fantastic forum, join and meet up with like-minded people in your area and get involved in great events. 


Museums and Galleries 

Whatever student city you’re living in, you can guarantee there are a few museums, and for the most part, entrance to these are FREE. Winner. 


Board Games

Remember how many hours of fun you had playing monopoly as a child? Board games are great whatever age, bring a few from home and you’ll become the favourite in your flat. 


Get Outside 

Exercising, running, walking, hiking, picnics & parks. These activities are all outside and all FREE. Get some friends together and organise something which you all like. 



Giving up some of your free time to do something good for the community. You’ll meet new friends, socialise, give back and even learn new skills at the same time. 

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