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How to Study Over Christmas

As all students know, studying over the Christmas break is something that needs to be done. We've got some tips on how to find the perfect balance between studying and enjoying Christmas.


As all students know, studying over the Christmas break is something that needs to be done. However if you plan ahead and get yourself organised, you can get all your Uni work done, and not miss out on a single fun thing happening over the festive period. 


Little and Often 
  • A few hours a day will quickly tackle the workload you have. 
  • Get up early and work before everyone has woken up, giving you more time with family.
  • Take some time away from the family so you can really concentrate.


  • Make a list of all the tasks you need to complete over the holidays. 
  • Create a calendar and identify what tasks you’ll do when, this makes it more manageable.
  • Make sure you also plan for events and gatherings with the family. 


Stay Longer at Uni 
  • If you don’t work well at home, spend a few more days at Uni and smash out the work.
  • Lots of people will go home, so there will also be fewer distractions at Uni. 
  • Just imagine going home knowing everything is done.


Be Organised 
  • Spend some time making your revision notes before you go home. 
  • Timetables are great for organising what you’ll be doing when and will save time. 
  • Prepare in advance and revision will be much quicker. 


Have Breaks 
  • Overloading information doesn’t really work. 
  • Use your breaks to do things you love, walk the dog or have a cup of tea with someone.
  • Having regular breaks will help you keep better concentrated and more focused. 


Reward Yourself 
  • Identify a goal and state what reward you're going to give yourself.
  • Put the treat where you can see it, it’ll motivate you to work better.
  • Vary the rewards, a mince pie a day may not be the best thing. 


Use Your Time Wisely 
  • If you find yourself bored for an hour, get some work done. 
  • Identify times when you’ve got nothing planned and pencil in a few tasks. 
  • Don’t leave it all until the last minute, start your work way in advance.
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