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Keeping Healthy at University

Keeping healthy at University is very important. It's a completely different lifestyle to living at home and you need to take care of yourself, we've got some great tips for doing this.

It's very important to keep healthy at University, but you’ll have to take charge of your own health as your parents won't be there to keep you functioning. 


Food- Having a healthy balanced diet is very important, as it affects not only your body's overall health but sleep,  concentration and even your skin. Make sure you have a few staple meals you can make at uni, filled with veggies, as you’ll probably find you will lack these at uni. Get into the habit of doing a weekly food shop, prepping food and eating balanced meals a day, you’ll feel much better for it, as opposed to pizza, pizza and more pizza. 


Exercise- Regular exercise is a must. Find out what works for you, whether that be the gym, swimming, dance, rollerblading or even squash. You find most student cities have lots of gyms and sport centres where you can become a member (and at a student rate too). Or if you don’t want to pay, find a local park where you can run and if you're lucky enough, lots of student accommodation sites now have their own free gyms for you to use 24/7. 


Doctor- Register with a local doctor. Even though you may think you are in perfect health, there probably will be a point in the year when you need an appointment at the doctors. You can move doctors to one near your University and when you move back home remember to switch back to your home town. 


Dentist- If you don’t live too far from home and visit regularly enough, swapping dentists might seem a bit pointless as you can arrange your twice a year check-ups for when you're at home. However if not, you need to register with a local dentist to keep your teeth healthy and in good condition. 


Opticians- Like the dentist, you may not need to switch opticians if you don't visit regularly. Although if you wear glasses and/ or contacts, it might be easier to switch opticians so that you can attend appointments or even pop in if you need your glasses repairing or something else urgent. 


Drinking- Obviously, we all know students drink, probably more than other groups. And why not? You are at Uni! But everything in moderation. Try to stick to the recommended units per week, but if this isn't possible, try having an alcohol free week every month, to give your body a little holiday. 


Sleep- Some say driving tired is worse than driving drunk, now we are not on about driving, but you get the point. Your body needs time to rest and recover, so getting enough sleep is vital. In order to balance university, your social life, exercise and maybe even work, you need your sleep. 


Vitamins- If you find yourself feeling under the weather and a bit sluggish, your body may be missing out on some vitamins and minerals that you normally have in your food at home. Obviously check first that it's not something more serious, but if not, analyse your weekly meals and see what you're missing out on. You could find foods which include these or take multi-vitamins. 


University Resources- you will be surprised by how many resources universities have to help out their students. They offer advice and support with mental health, stress, university work, sexual health and disabilities. Check out your university's website, or get in touch to see what support they can give you. 


First aid kit- before you head off to uni, get together a first aid kit. You will be surprised how many people forget one of these and then someone has to use the kitchen roll and sellotape as a plaster... not the best. Just head to the supermarket and get the essentials, you won’t regret it. 


University will probably be the best time of your life, so by remembering these simple steps you can ensure that you have a blast, but also stay healthy whilst doing so.


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