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'Life as a graduate'

Whether you are in your first year of studying, or your last, University goes super fast and you'll be a graduate before you know it. Very exciting that may be, we want to prepare you for the reality of life as a graduate.

So let’s fast forward to your Graduation, Wahoo, Congrats! You did it! You Graduated!

But your university experience is over. So you empty your uni room and head home. 

Well….. What now?

First of all, you need to Celebrate! Getting a degree is a big deal, whether you decide to travel, go on holiday, fulfil a dream or just throw a major party, it’s important to say ‘Well Done Me’. Unless you’re carrying on in education and doing a masters, that’s the last time you’ll be in education. Yes. The LAST time. (scary thought we know.) 

Which brings us onto the next point. The University Blues. (Or the ‘Graduate Blues’)

You’re sat at home watching telly and suddenly BOOM, it hits you- Uni is over and real life begins now. You go from struggling to find time to eat... to doing nothing but eating. 

All your uni friends are all back at home, you’ve got no studying to do, you’re not going out every weekend and you’ve got no job. Sounds bleek, but it’s what happens. 

Here it’s important to be Proactive - make plans with friends at home, join the gym, volunteer, start looking for jobs or find a new hobby. Yes it may seem nice not to have anything to do, but trust us it’ll get old after a week or two. 

Now onto THE question EVERYONE gets asked after graduating approximately 274 times a day. ‘Have you got a job yet?’. No. You probably haven’t, because remember, when you graduate, so will thousands of other enthusiastic, young people who are also (shock)... looking for a job. 

There is no rush to get a graduate job, there is no time frame in which you should have found a job and there is certainly nothing saying that if you don’t get a graduate job straight away you aren’t as good as others. Your time WILL come

And finally, it may take some time, but finally you’ll find a job that you love, you’ll realise that uni was completely worth it, you’re doing what you love AND getting paid for it! Result! 

But please remember to enjoy uni, enjoy making new life-long friends, and most importantly Make the most of every single second because it goes by extremely quickly!

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