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Living in Canterbury

Canterbury is such a beautiful city and the most 2nd visited city in Europe! It's a fantastic place to live as a student and we've got a few points on what to expect when living here.

Canterbury is officially a city, but it’s definitely got more of a town feel. It’s a small, quaint place, with a city centre that's not very big at all, here you can 100% tell you're in the south. However, Canterbury is the second most densely visited city in Europe (after Venice), meaning there are always lots of people in and around the city centre, all a mixture of tourists, locals and students. 


London is less than an hour's train journey away. Obviously, you won’t be heading to the capital every other day, but it’s great knowing that once a month you can make the short trip and enjoy all London has to offer. 


There are many famous people with links to Canterbury including heartthrob Orlando Bloom who is originally from Canterbury, yes he’s probably walked the streets you have. He’s also known to have eaten in Cafe des Amis once or twice. He is well known for starring in Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Troy and Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, Alan Davies, funny man, comedian, writer and actor, graduated from the University of Kent in Drama and Theatre in 1988 and was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2003. Another star who studied at the University of Kent is Ellie Goulding, who studied Drama and Theatre studies. She started her singing career in 2009, has had No.1 Albums, singles, has received a Brit Award, a nomination for a Grammy, and recorded a cover which was selected as the soundtrack for the first John Lewis Christmas Advert. 


The highstreet has pretty much everything you need, although it could be bigger and more varied, Canterbury high street has a Primark, Superdrug and a load of other shops every student loves. 


The world-renowned Canterbury cathedral is part of a world heritage site, along with St. Augustine's Abbey andSt. Martin's Church. These are beautiful and truly impressive buildings which carry so much history and hold a real place in Canterbury. You HAVE to visit Canterbury Cathedral and get a few pics, or even have a tour of this outstanding building. It is also the cathedral of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the head of the Church of England. The Cathedral also hosts many events including concerts, school events and even graduation ceremonies, imagine the pics you’d get. 


The education is world-class. With 3 excellent Unis, it’s no shock that the huge number of people who move to Canterbury are students. Whichever one you attend, you know you're gonna get a degree from an awesome institution. 


Living in the south may be a little more expensive than what you’re used to, if you’re from the south, this won't be a big issue. However, if you’re from the north, you may want to check out the local student bars which offer student deals if you don’t fancy paying £6 for a pint, yes £6! 


Transport around the city and further afield is great, with the usual services available, like buses, coaches, taxis etc etc you - get what we mean. But if you’re planning to use these services regularly, make sure you get a student pass/ discount. Also, Canterbury is just over 7 miles from the coast, meaning you can catch a bus or drive and be on the beach in such a short time. 


There are lots of bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs where you can relax, unwind and sample some of the local produce. They all range in price and offerings, with something for everyone. There’s The Fordwich Arms, which has a Michelin Star, The Goods Shed, Cafe des Amis, The Chapter and good old reliable McDonalds. 


Canterbury isn’t well-known for its nightlife, nevertheless, there are a few places for a good night out. There’s the Venue, Woody’s, Mungo’s, Origins, K Bar, Gulbenkian and plus there are all the pubs where you can go for a drink and catch up with friends.


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