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Money Saving Advice

We've put together 40 of the easiest ways for students to save some money. These will help you keep on top of your finances and spend your money cleverly.


Moving-saving advice blogs can be long, boring and just well dull. We’ve compiled the most common money saving tips for students that will help you keep on top of your finances and spend your money cleverly. 


Make a budget and include EVERYTHING 

Get a bank account with a 0% overdraft 

Steer clear of credit cards 

Find a phone contract that you can afford 

Find accommodation which is all-inclusive (e.g. Wi-Fi & Bills)

Are your belongings covered by your parents/ guardians home insurance? 

Register to vote 

Get all of the FREE loyalty cards you can get 

Get expensive software for FREE from Uni (e.g. Microsoft)

Do your food shop in the evenings (reduced items)

Shop in the sales 

If you go to McDonalds, only ever spend £1.99 on a Big Mac Meal 

If you want to swap providers, tell them you’re cancelling, then get a better renewal price 

Try out cashback sites 

Put money away every week 

Buy personal care items from the baby aisle (you’ll save £)

If you use public transport get a student card 

Get super cheap travel insurance and get 241 cinema tickets for a year 

Get a railcard

If you don’t watch live TV, you don't need a TV licence 

Get a cheap gym membership, or use a FREE Uni one

Check out Amazon’s secret warehouse and eBay outlet 

FREE online gigs, concerts and shows 

Do window shopping online, fill your basket and then don’t buy it

Set a spending limit for a night out 

Freeze groceries 

Batch cook and meal prep 

Buy own label items in the supermarket & medication

Always choose a FREE delivery option 

Don’t food shop when you’re hungry 

Don’t buy any Uni books until you’ve checked out what digital & paper copies the Uni offer for FREE 

Don’t taxi, get an Uber 

If you need a haircut, find a trainee (fraction of the £)

Get a reusable coffee cup and make your own at home 

Eat less meat 

Try apps which sell food for less (e.g.Too Good To Go)

Cut open your cosmetics products to get every last bit out 

Get student funding where possible 

Get a part time job 

Sell your unwanted and unused items


Now there are a lot of points to take in here, and we understand that you won’t be able to do all of them. But even if you take on board 10 and gradually increase the number, you will save a bundle! 


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