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Must-Have Student Room Essentials

You might want to add these student essentials to your uni packing list and make student living a breeze!

Here are 10 must-have student room essentials:


Drawer Organisers

Prevent your belongings from getting jumbled up with drawer dividers! There are loads of different types and sizes to pick from, depending on what you’re using for! As an example, drawer dividers are good for separating socks from underwear, or jumpers from your t-shirts.


Easy Care Plants

Not only do plants reduce air pollutants, but they will also look amazing in your uni room and boost your mood! Here are some easy to maintain, indoor plants you could consider:

  • Succulents
  • Snake Plants
  • Cast Iron Plants
  • ZZ Plants


Space Saving Hangers

Happen to have too many going-out clothes in your wardrobe? Space saving hangers are basically the best thing since sliced bread. They’ll allow you to hang multiple items of clothing vertically using only one space on the rail – giving you plenty of space for more clothes hangers.


Shower Caddy Tote

You’ve probably never even seen these but trust us, they’ll be a life saver! These mesh totes have a large space for you to store your towel, as well as pockets for you to store your shampoo/conditioner/body wash or whatever else in!


Laundry Bag/Basket

You don’t want your dirty laundry lying around on the floor! Investing in a laundry bag or basket will keep your room looking tidy and will allow you to easily collect your dirty laundry when it comes to washing day!


Amazon Echo Show

You can use your Amazon Echo Show for so many things! Video chat with loved ones at home, use it as an alarm clock, ask Alexa for meal ideas and tips or even play your fave songs and sing along with the lyrics on the screen!


Charging Dock

If you charge multiple devices, then a charging dock could help eliminate the number of wires you have on show and free up some plug sockets for better lighting or charging a laptop! Just remember to get a charging dock with the right chargers for your devices!


Storage stool

Give yourself extra storage and even more seating in your room – ideal if you regularly have guests! Something as simple as a storage stool will give you plenty more room to store things like spare bedding or towels without taking up much room. 


Handheld Vacuum

Possibly the most underrated item out there. Sometimes crumbs from your midnight snacks can get everywhere… but they’re definitely not lugging the hoover out for! A chargeable, handheld vacuum will effortlessly pick up the mess.


Shoe Organiser

Shoes take up an unnecessary amount of space, so it’s important to take that into consideration when deciding which shoes to take with you to uni. Shoe racks can sometimes take up a lot of room, which is why it’s great to consider other options such as hanging shoe organisers for your wardrobe.


Hopefully these must-have student room essentials will make uni living a breeze!

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