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How to make the most of Open Days

You will already have a good idea what Universities you like. But Open Days are a fantastic opportunity to really get a feel for the campuses, the facilities and lecturers. You should really make the most of them, and we've got some advice on how to do that!

So there are 131 universities in the UK. And that's an awful lot of Open Days. With no way of visiting them all it’s important to create a shortlist of universities who...

  1. Offer your course.
  2. Will accept your achieved grades. 
  3. You like.


Once you’ve got your shortlist together, plan when you’re going to attend the open days, if you can't attend all of them, contact the uni and arrange a private campus tour, however be aware that not all of the staff/ ambassadors will be there on this day. 

Before you attend an Open Day 

Plan your visit thoroughly...

Travel- how will you get there? Is there parking? How far away is the uni from the train station? Book any tickets in advance. 

Map- print / download a uni map (some campuses are HUGE), print / download  a city map.

Itinerary- Plan where you're going and when, you may need to book onto taster sessions, and make sure you have time to get between talks and seminars.

Special requirements- if you have any special requirements contact the uni beforehand, they will supply you with all the information you need. 

What to take- Your itinerary / uni agenda, portable charger, water, snacks and a bag for all the leaflets you’ll be given. 


Be prepared 

Who will be there- if you know the course you’re applying for, find out who your lecturers would be, so when you’re there you can speak to them and ask questions. 

Questions- Have lots of questions prepared, you will be paying a lot for uni, make sure you understand the uni and the course fully. 

Go with someone- They will probably know you better than you think you know yourself, but ultimately you have to be happy with the decision. 


When you’re at an Open Day 

Open Days can be overwhelming, with 100’s of college students all fighting for the attention of the poor 2nd year ambassador. But remember to…

  1. Ask questions (even if you think they are silly, others will be thinking the same)
  2. Don’t be late (even though you’re not yet a uni student, it doesn’t look great)
  3. Don't leave early (this is your opportunity to get lots of info, use it!)
  4. Take all the leaflets (you may miss a lot of info, the leaflets will help when you forget the 400 things which were said to you)
  5. Talk to student ambassadors (they will tell you not only about courses but the best accommodation, where to shop and where to eat)

Enjoy it! This is the start of your uni journey, take in all the info and start to get excited about starting University!

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