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Scheduling your day and getting into a good routine 

Finding a daily routine that suits you and the way you work will help you in academic life, everyday life and work life.

You may feel like you've fallen out of your everyday routine and struggle to figure out whether it's Tuesday or Saturday, but trust us, you're not alone. Staying at home and staying safe is the most important thing, but this doesn't mean not leaving your bed for 31 days and counting. Getting into some sort out routine and being productive is important for your mental and phsycial health. 


Find your morning ritual or routine 

Now there isn't a set ritual which works for everyone, but repeating the same ritual every morning will get you into a good routine and help you to get into the day as soon as you wake up. You should try and include: waking up early, exercise, setting goals / reviewing the day and doing something you love. 

You could start with a 20-minute run, a cold shower and a good breakfast whilst checking emails. Or 10 minutes of meditation, walking your dog, showering and having a breakfast shake whilst going over today’s to-do list. 


Action plan for the day 

You know the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ well, you also can't do everything in one day. It’s important to set yourself realistic goals, don’t overload your schedule, or else you’ll feel like you haven't achieved anything. Setting yourself an action plan for each day will not only help you to stay focused, but also to distribute your workload equally, reducing any stress and keeping you on track. 

We recommend setting yourself 3 main goals and 2 small goals each day. Something along the lines of this example below:

  • Write 2,000 words of essay 
  • Read chapter 2 of research book 
  • Write notes from lecture 4 
  • Wash bedding 
  • Catch up with a family member over the phone


Take some time off in the middle of the day 

No one can be super productive if they work constantly throughout the day. You need to take a break from what you are doing. 

  • Move from your desk and have lunch 
  • Do some exercise
  • Go outside, get some fresh air


Important things to remember 
  • You are less productive in the afternoon, so complete less complicated jobs then 
  • Group similar tasks together e.g. get all your social media content done from 1-4pm 
  • Create fun times- schedule your creative activities after a difficult morning, you will look forward to it and get through work faster. 
  • Make time for other stuff- keep flexible, if an offer of a call with a friend comes up, make time for it and move your schedule around
  • Rewards- praise yourself for working hard, relax and treat yourself, whether it's with some online shopping, your favourite film or a long bath. 
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