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Signs that you're in Final Year

Any University student knows that final year is when it all counts. This year is full of ups and downs, but is all worth it in the end. We've got some tell tale signs of knowing you're well & truly into final year.

So you’ve made it to your final year, congratulations! You’ll be graduating in no time! (Honest it’ll come round quicker than you think). But have you ever wondered whether your final year experience is the same as others? Well, we’ve put together a list of the most common signs that you’re in your final year, and you’ll be surprised how many you can relate to!


You basically LIVE in the library

You wake up and head to the library, you check your watch, it's 9am, you start working, you look at your watch again, it’s 10pm. *CRY* The library becomes the only place you can seem to concentrate, no one bothers you in the library and well you can’t just sit and watch Netflix in the library. 


And when you do head to the library, it’s the same every time

You book the same computer (in the quiet section away from 1st years), you set all your books & notes out in the same way and you probably take the same food & drinks which you know will get you through a marathon library sesh. 


You’re FINE. When anyone asks, YOU’RE FINE 

If being fine is feeling as though you’re on the verge of a breakdown because you’re stressed and have just realised that you ate your last packet of mini cheddars last night *SOBS*. No one can really understand how ‘fine’ you are until you become a final year student, because fine means about 10 different emotions all in 1. 


You’ve learned how to hide your emotions in public settings 

You’re buying your standard meal deal from Tesco which you buy every day (for the library) and the lovely server asks ‘Doing anything good today?’. You want to scream ‘OH YES LINDA, ONLY GOT TO WRITE 3,000 WORDS ON A TOPIC I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IN 2 HOURS’, but what comes out is ‘nothing much’. 


You put zero effort into your appearance 

Remember those days where you got up 2 hours before Uni to put makeup on and pick a cute outfit. LOL, how things have changed. Every second of your existence is now precious, and must be spent doing things which will directly impact your grade. 


You could become a recruiter 

Besides studying, your time also consists of searching for jobs to apply for. You obviously can’t apply for any of these jobs because you have no experience, but why not set up your own business finding other people jobs which you want but won’t even be considered for. 


You don’t actually have a plan 

Yes you enrolled in a course at college, then you applied for Uni which costs upwards of £9,000 a year, but let’s face it, you don’t REALLY know what you want to do. Neither does about 80% of students, but you’re all giving it a go together and well, everything will fall into place at some point. 


The thought of getting a full-time job terrifies you 

Working 9-5, having responsibilities, being professional (UGH) the thought of all that ‘having it together’ even sounds like hard work. How do adults do a job every day for the rest of their lives? (But in truth, most adults are thinking the EXACT same thing). 


Essays get easier when you’re faced with a dissertation 

LOL remember the 3,000 words you told Linda about in Tesco? Your lecturer has just given you a 3,000 word essay due in 2 weeks, that should take you like an hour, TOPS. You have become EXCELLENT at the art of the ‘waffle. 


Do you even know how to reference?

It’s one of the first things you learn when you get to Uni. But let’s face it who ACTUALLY remembers how to reference? Your head has become too full with other, more important information. AHA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, the prehistoric or the winging it, who knows?!


Tutors are now classes as friends 

Obviously you might not pick them as your friends usually. But in final year, tutors give you support, give advice, answer your messages (emails obviously), and will probably offer you a tissue when you breakdown in front of them. So, a big shout out to all the tutors, our true ‘friends’ of final year! 


You reward yourself more 

Finished an essay 2 days before the deadline? Got to the library before 9am? Got through the day without crying? Then, TREAT YO SELF! An hour's trip to Primark normally will suffice, and be sure to take friends, they will always encourage you to buy all the things you don’t need (but really do). 


Budgeting, EW 

Who has time to study, reference, go to the library, treat yourself AND budget?! And besides it only gets in the way of letting you do what you want to do… Buy all the snacks, treating yourself frequently and booking that well-deserved summer holiday. 


You’ve started asking odd, out-of-the-blue questions?

‘Have you ever questioned your morals when buying apples in a supermarket?’ HUH? Every single thought is consumed by thoughts about your dissertation and any research you might be doing. You’ve become so consumed by it, that you’ve forgotten how to make regular conversation. 


You call your parents every week, probably upset 

It could be something minor, you missed the bus, someone ate your last bowl of coco pops, or it could be something rather big, you’re seriously considering dropping out (6 weeks before your due to finish, LOL, we’ve all been there). 


You start considering your options, after you've bought your graduation gown

You’re measured your head, shoulders, height and yet you still think ‘what would actually be the worst thing that would happen if i didn't sit my exams?’. You will graduate, but the absolute mountain of work in front of you, makes you question yourself every day. 


Ahhhhh Graduation

The day it will all be over, you long about that day, dream about it. Graduation will probably be the best day of your life so far, the absolute sense of accomplishment, pride and ultimately relief. 


But then it’s all over

It’s over? What? No more getting up for Uni, going to lectures, seeing your friends? You’ve done it, completed it. As much as you may have hated it, Uni was the absolute best time of your life and you’d give anything for another week there. Enjoy it whilst it lasts, because it’ll be done before you know it!

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