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Study Tips

Knowing how you study, and what works best for you is super important. There are a lot of factors which affect how successful your studying is.

When it comes to exam time, the level of stress for university students peaks and we totally get why. With all that  added pressure, it can be difficult to deal with. If you get your studying techniques sorted sooner rather than later you’ll feel much more relaxed around the exam period. 


Preparing for studying 

Keep relaxed- easier said than done right? But keeping stress to a minimum  will really help you to concentrate when you need to and help recall.

Get lots of sleep- you'll notice a difference around campus when it comes to exam time, there are less and less people out and about. Take this opportunity to get at least 7 hours each night. 

Exercise- you may think that you don't have time to exercise, but many studies have shown that exercise helps you to retain info as you are more alert and have more nutrients going to your brain. 

Diet- what you’re eating will affect how awake and alert you feel. Make sure you're getting lots of fruit and veggies and drinking lots of water. 

Schedule- Write on your calendar when you’re going to study. Space out your sessions and outline what you're going to do in each one, then there will be less wasted time at the start of each session and you will be more prepared for each one. 


When it comes to studying 

Breaks- Study for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. Having short little breaks will help you concentrate for a longer overall period. But when you have a break go for a quick walk or get a cup of tea, don’t go straight to Instagram and scroll. 

Music- some people love listening to music when they are studying, helping them concentrate and filling the silence, but for some this can be very distracting, figure out what is right for you. 

Scenery- change it up, don't stay inside the same 4 walls for 12 hours, you’ll go crazy. Try a quiet coffee shop, the quiet floor of the library or even a local park (if the weather is nice), you might find your favourite place to really concentrate and get stuff done. 

Overlearning- Too much can sometimes be too much. Don't overdo it, take regular breaks, swap subjects regularly and change up the way you learn. This can make it feel less boring. And don't forget you can still have a life when you're a student, don't deny yourself a life. 


Different ways of studying 
  • Collect all your notes onto a few sheets
  • Cue cards to test definitions 
  • Stick diagrams/ formulas around your room 
  • Group work, discuss it together 
  • Be the teacher and teach others 
  • Take a test and see how much you know 
  • Mind maps to help build connections for an argument 
  • Sticky notes around your room 
  • Watch documentaries or youtube videos on the subject 
  • Practice answering questions
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