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The reality of moving out

Living at home with parents is a breeze, but you probably won't realise this until you move out. We've got some advice for living on your own at University.


So you’ve been told time and time again, ‘live away from home is so FUN’ and yes it is! But there are some realities of living alone which people tend to forget to mention. We’re gonna give you a heads up, it’s the kinder thing to do, plus you can prepare yourself, weeeell in advance. 


Household bills can be expensive, very expensive. If you’re in a student house, take into consideration the amount you’ll be paying for bills plus your rent. It could be cheaper to live in all inclusive student accommodation where the heating is ALWAYS on and you don’t have to switch off the water in the shower between washing your hair and conditioning. 


Food shopping is no longer a fun, splurging experience, it becomes a stressful mathematical balancing act of getting all the nutrients you need on a tight budget. The weekly food shop is normally topped off with the heart sinking realisation that you’ve FORGOTTEN YOUR CARRIER BAGS! However doing all your food shopping means you can experiment, vary your diet and pick what you want. Give veggie a go, try a Vietnamese dish and get that family pack of Doritos you’ve been craving alllll day. 


Money does actually disappear. You started the week with £100, it's now wednesday and you’ve got £2.70 to buy your whole food shop with?! Trust us, this will happen. Before you head to uni, create a budget and stick to it, it’s so important to watch your money and be savvy with how you spend it. 


Probably the biggest shock to most students, is that their student flat doesn't clean itself. You’ll have to do everything from dusting, vacuuming, and mopping to emptying the bins and cleaning the inside of the toilet (yes, you need to do that). Keeping where you live clean, is hugely important for hygienic reasons and also for your health. Make sure to ask your parents for what cleaning equipment you’ll need before you leave, you could even ask them for a little demo, just so you know you’re doing it right. 


As well as cleaning, you’ll soon discover that all your laundry has to be washed, dried and ironed. And this process can take a long time. You’ll soon realise there are materials that don’t need ironing and your wardrobe will be full of them. You’ll find yourself comparing the prices of laundry detergent because £7 is a big investment just to smell like ‘jasmine delight’. Socks will disappear without a trace and a fitted sheet is IMPOSSIBLE to fold. 


Leaving the house takes a good 5 minutes. Did i switch the heating off? Did I lock all the windows and doors? Have i left any lights on? Have i got Keys? Phone? Carrier bags? (V important) Money? Suddenly you’ve become an adult overnight. 


You will seriously miss home comforts. Whether it's the gorgeous smell of your bedding, a cosy living room that doesn't have a bike in it, simply walking through the house and there not being crumbs everywhere! and a BATH, oh you’ll miss a bath. 


And finally, you will always need your parents. No matter how far you move away, or how much time goes by before you see them again. You will realise that they do SO much for you and will always do for you. Ask them for advice before heading off to uni (they’ve been adulting for quite a few years now, so they know lots!) and if you are unsure of something, give them a call, they’ll have the answer. 


So yes, you might find living away from home very different, it isn’t all fun and games, you will find things difficult but living away from home is such a learning experience. You will learn life skills, you’ll become more independent, basically, you’ll become a proper adult.


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