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Travelling on a Budget

You're young. You've haven't got many responsibilities. NOW is the time to travel the world. But doing it on a budget can be difficult, so here is some money saving tips for travelling.

Destination is Everything!

Your destination will determine everything about your time abroad, from the price of flights, accommodation and food to the language barrier and weather. Decide whether you want to spend money on flights and much less when you’re there, or a cheaper flight and normally more on spend whilst your there. 


Plan ahead (way ahead)

Start planning your trip in advance. You want to get a feel of how much things tend to cost, when the best times to visit are, where the unmissable spots are and when to book. You need to also consider what you’re going for, will an increase in tourists affect this, will the weather affect this, can you get there and will certain places be open? 


Alternative Transport

Flying can be very expensive, despite how quick a flight may be. Travelling via trains, boats and local transport can work out much cheaper and plus you’ll see so many places you wouldn’t otherwise, when flying. Once you know where you're going, do a bit of research on local transport, you’ll be surprised how much you can save. 


Find cheap sleep

When you’re travelling, there is no need to stay in super swanky hotels. You can find perfectly good hostels, Airbnbs and room shares all over the world. Three things to remember when booking your accommodation- Location, Safety and Cleanliness. As long as you have these, book it!


Work or Volunteer

Contributing to the wider community in whatever way you can is such a rewarding experience, you will learn new skills, make new friends and could even find your vocation in life. This can also be a fantastic way of making some money whilst travelling or even getting free accommodation. 


Student Discounts £££

If you're thinking of doing some travelling, get yourself an ISIC (International Student Identity Card), it will SAVE you money. This fantastic card gives you 150,000 student discounts in 130 countries. Don’t leave your house or the country without it. 


Local people 

Make an effort with the local people, learn a bit of the local language, they will really appreciate it. But generally, be kind, be courteous and be respectful. You’ll probably end up making some connections with local people and these can be SUPER useful for getting local info and tips, plus how lovely to have friends all over the world? 


Free Stopovers

If you’re travelling a considerable distance, check out airlines ‘free stopovers’ that they offer in their hub city. Offers will vary between airlines, with some offering a stopover with no extra air fare, whereas some offer up to five nights stay in a hotel plus a bunch of extra discounts! 


 So there it is, if you're lucky enough to go travelling while you’re a student, take full advantage of it. You’ll probably never have the opportunity to again, before work becomes a reality! Go and explore! Just make sure that you are safe, that you take enough money and that you keep in touch with family while you’re there. (Even if it is to send them all your fabulous pictures!)


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