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Types of Students at Uni

When you head off to Uni, you'll meet a whole range a of fantastic characters, some of which you'll be more familiar than others. But that's the great thing about University, the coming together of such varied lifestyles and personalities and forming lifelong relationships with these people!

Now whether you’ve been at uni for a few years or you’re going to be starting in September, you can understand that when you bring such a huge number of people together from all corners of the world, you’re going to meet a wide range of characters. Please understand that we aren’t stereotyping anyone at university, but if you thought of someone in particular, there must be some truth in it right?


The Party Animal 

They're always out, always partying, they live for the party life. These superhumans must have livers made from concentrate, considering that the amount they drink in a week would be enough to sink a pirate ship. They love a rave and have survived thus far on red bull, Tesco meal deals and unholy amounts of coffee. 


The Enthusiastic One

Nothing is ever bad. These people are a glass 100% full all of the time type people. 10,000 word essay, they’re up for it. 4 mile hike, go on then. Wrestling a wild lion, let’s give it a go. We’re exhausted listening to them! 


The Latecomer 

You could attach a watch to their forehead and they’d still be late for everything. The latecomer will always manage to slip into a lecture or seminar without the tutor noticing, but you notice. And the worst part? They live 10 minutes from Uni.


The Loner 

You’ll find them in the library alone, having dinner alone, they’d rather do all their group projects alone, and all you want to do is ask them if they're okay, but talking to people you don’t know is considered weird. 


The Ghost 

Who are they? What is their name? You’ve heard them moving but never seen them. They move silently in the night, like a wild cat hunting prey, but all they’re doing is stealing your milk.


The Flawless One

She turns up to every lecture ready to walk London Fashion week. Outfit: on point. makeup: airbrushed and hair: shiny, silky and like Toni & Guy have just give her the VIP treatment. And you’re wearing the same jumper for the fourth time this week.


Attached to their phone 

WHO has that many friends, seriously? 


The Forgetful One

You’re surprised they’ve remembered which uni they go to and managed to get here, since everything anyone ever says goes in one ear and straight out again. 


The Perfect student 

They’re getting the top marks. They’re involved in the SU, countless societies, charities, the Student Board and tutoring. They cook from scratch, go to the gym, drink 2 litres of water a day and still seem to have time for friends. How do they do it?


The Stresshead 

Their life is over at every little inconvenience. Trust us Louise, non-matching socks is not huge problem in the grand scheme of things. Please have a cup of tea, put your feet up and chill out.


The Get by-er 

They’re hardly in uni, you’ve probably seen them a total of 4 times, they do the bare minimum and still pass. Whereas you’ve been up till 3 am most nights and you get 5% more than them…What is that about?


The Jet Setter 

Who can afford 5 holidays a year, when you’re struggling to afford bread and some loo roll?! Their pics in the carribean whilst you’re sat in the uni library make you feel physically sick, because they look so fabulous.


The Clueless One 

I mean, they turn up and try, but haven’t really got a clue what is going on. They might make an input every now and then, but hey God loves a trier.


The Clown 

They’d rather make everyone laugh than face the 40 slide presentation due tomorrow which they haven’t started. If you just laugh all your problems disappear.


The Very Well-Off 

Their whole life is planned, and they’ll never worry about money, but getting a degree is a requirement by their parents, so they’re there, but not enjoying one single second. 


The Natural Leader 

You find yourself gravitating towards them because they seem to know what they’re doing. When someone mentions a group project, you’re hoping and praying you end up in a group with them because they just get it.


The Gym Bunny 

They’re ALWAYS in athletic wear. Lycra is their friend. And they love a high ponytail. They make you feel bad for even thinking about getting the bus and for looking at a pastry. 


The Gap Yeaarrrrrer

They’ve travelled and seen all corners of the globe. They have an enormous collection of friendship bracelets and anklets. They are now a changed person. 


The Cool International 

Is it just us, or when someone comes from a different country to yourself, they ooze coolness by the bucket load? 


The Couple 

We’re happy they’re in love. But can you please be in love somewhere else, away from us? Like now. 


The Untidy One 

He used all his dishes and utensils in the first week. They have been piled in the kitchen for approximately 27 days now. We all wish that this person would have picked to live in a studio. 


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