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University Bucket List

The Ultimate University Bucket List to complete before University Life ends!

So you’ve moved into your student digs and you’re having the time of your life. But before you know it uni will be done and you’ll be in a job working 9-5! So we’ve come up with the ultimate bucket list of things you MUST do at Uni before adult life happens! But do remember, with the current situation, some of these things may not be possible yet. Please make sure you’re staying safe and healthy and following all government guidelines when socialising. 


Go to a paint party- Wear old clothes, old shoes and don’t spend lots of time on hair and make-up it’ll be ruined within 10 minutes! Paint parties are all about just having a fantastic time, embrace the paint, but remember to please shower before you get into bed. 


Have a BBQ- Only a little disposable one, it doesn't need to be fancy, but they still do a great job. Get a few friends involved and you can all bring something to eat, one brings burgers, another brings a big salad and one brings crisps and dips, plus anything else you want. The more the merrier, just remember to not drink and grill!


Go to a festival- We’re talking glitter, face paint, tassels, wellies and awesome music. Festivals are the perfect way to end the academic year, with friends, having the most wonderful time in the sun. It could be in the UK or abroad, there are 100’s to choose from. 


Get a Uni hoodie- So if you get lost, someone can return you to the right campus. But in all seriousness these jumpers will become your best friend, wearing it in lectures, on the way to the gym or out for brunch, it’s just something every student gets. 


Find your drink- Preferably cheap, and something that served everywhere. During freshers week you’ll try a whole plethora of drinks, some awful and some alright, but it's a great opportunity to try lots of drinks to find THE one. 


Go to a house party- I cannot stress this enough, NOT YOUR HOUSE. You will thank us later for this, plus your landlord will thank you too. But going to a house party is an experience, AND no queues for the loo, you can take your own drink and there are sofas to sit on for when your feet hurt. 


Do fancy dress- Togas, superheroes, stationery items, Disney characters, we've seen them all. Before you leave home for uni make sure you have a few fancy dress outfits, we’d say having 5 outfits is a great shout. 


Go travelling- Whether it's within the UK or to the far east, go and explore. You will NEVER have the freedom that you have now. EVER. Whatever you fancy, get some friends together and plan a trip for when you finish exams for the summer, you will not regret this. 


Cook a big roast with your housemates- We’re talking yorkshire puds, stuffing, gravy, roasties, carrots, parsnips, sprouts (debatable), mash, cheesy cauliflower ALL the trimmings. If each of you take a couple of elements and make them, it’ll come together in no time. 


Learn how to reference- Preferably before you go to uni, it’ll save you so much time and stress. Just watch a few Youtube videos and have a go. BUT remember to find out which referencing style your uni uses first before learning the wrong one. 


Volunteer- Do something for someone else, whether it’s a few hours a week or a whole day, we all need to help each other more. You can always ask your students' union if they are involved in any projects and put your name down for a few. 


Take part in a protest- Get passionate and make a difference for something you really care about, it could be animal rights, climate change or school fees. However, please check that these are legally organised and comply with any rules/ laws. 


Call home- Your parents will be worried (and missing you) just let them know you’re fine. Also don’t forget grandparents, siblings, you’ll be surprised the difference when someone moves out of the house. Video calls are extra special, you could schedule in 1 once a week, to have a proper good catch up. 


Do a placement/ internship- Having experience is key to getting a graduate job. We understand that you won’t have lots of it (even if employers don’t), but any opportunity to get experience, we recommend you take it. Placements, internships, volunteering, it will all add up. 


Support a Uni team- Go along and support a team, whether it’s American Football or badminton, even if you don’t follow the sport. It’s nice to show support for your fellow students. Some sports can get a bit more lively than others (we recommend these ones). 


Take part in a charity event and raise money- Your actual studying weeks at uni are only around 30. So that's 22 weeks of the year free! You can take part in a charity event, a fun run, a sing-a-thon, or even a bake sale. Because putting your free time to good use is what we should all be doing. 


Get a job- You’re gonna need some extra money to fund all them Just Eat deliveries. There are plenty of jobs available in city centres for students, normally around 8-12 hours, which is the perfect amount to earn some money and still concentrate on studying. 


Karaoke- Even better… Drunk Karaoke. This is a must whilst you are at Uni. Embarrassment, what embarrassment? Karaoke is a definite sign that you’ve had the most fantastic night out at uni and you know what they say, the best people do karaoke. 


Go to a pub quiz- You may not think you’re competitive, wait till you do a pub quiz. These are the perfect student night out, they’re cheap, there is drinking, a little intelligence is needed and they're always a lot of fun. 


Visit friends at a different Unis- You’ll be surprised how different unis can be, plus it's just interesting to visit somewhere you would never normally visit. And having someone take you on a night out in their city is great because they know where to go and where not to, like your very own guide.


Netflix binge- I don't think we need to tell you how to do this. Watch, eat, watch, toilet, watch, shower, watch, eat, watch, watch, bed. 


Learn a new skill- One-handed push-ups, juggling or doing the worm. Something you can call your ‘party piece’. We recommend learning this before you get to uni, it’s a great way to break the ice… ‘Hi I'm Brad, want to see me backflip?...’


Give an unusual society a go- Quidditch, curry appreciation, tiddlywinks or hummus,  there is plenty more where that came from. Make sure you go to the societies fairs at the beginning of the year, sign up for everything, give them all a go and pick your favourites to carry on with. 


Go on a pub crawl- Every university will have a pub crawl that they organise, just give it a go. Ask a students union rep and rope in a group of friends, you’ll have a great afternoon. 


Rearrange your bedroom - Even though most beds/ desks are secure in student accommodation, you can move mirrors and other furnishings. You’re going to be spending so much time in your room, make it yours and go for it!


Go to all of the Freshers' Fairs- Get all of the free stuff. Pens, bags, coffee cups, be nice, take a leaflet and then take all the free stuff. You will thank us later for not having to spend money on stationery when you can spend it on a delicious burger instead because you have a rowing society pen. 

Have some ‘you time’ with snacks and a film- University can get pretty overwhelming and full-on at times, grab some snacks, a fluffy blanket and pop a good film on and have some you time. Learn to enjoy your own company and focus on just you for a few hours.

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