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What to do at the Weekend

Stuck for something to do this weekend? We've got lots of ideas for fun & interesting things to do this weekend.

Trying to find something to do on the weekend can be difficult. Whether you’re finding something for just yourself, or you’ve got a big group of friends together. Money, time and location can all be obstacles, so we have a few suggestions below, which are bound to give you at least one idea for something new and interesting to do this weekend. 


  • Driving range/ course 
  • Crazy golf 
  • Paintballing 
  • Rollerskate
  • Go Karting 
  • Bowling 
  • Aquarium
  • Volunteer
  • Zoo or visit a farm 
  • Ziplining


  • Comedy night 
  • Pub quiz 
  • Drawing classes/ life drawing 
  • Cinema (Outdoor cinemas are great summer experiences)
  • Karaoke
  • Galleries 
  • Theatre 
  • Gigs
  • Museums 
  • Escape rooms 
  • Shopping, maybe give thrifting a try 
  • Have a stay-in classic movie night 
  • Play board/ card games 
  • Have friends around
  • Podcasts
  • Learn a new language
  • Group drumming 


  • Cafes 
  • Restaurants 
  • Baking 
  • Cooking 
  • Afternoon tea
  • Wine tasting (if finances allow)
  • Themed cooking class


  • Go for a walk 
  • Yoga 
  • Visit a castle 
  • Ride a bike 
  • Go to the beach 
  • Go to the gym 
  • Go to the park 
  • Do a fitness class 
  • Swimming 
  • Meditate 
  • Walk your dog 
  • Kayaking
  • Tubing
  • Do a dance class at your local community centre


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