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Where to buy stuff for uni

You’ve got your place at uni and you’ve booked your accommodation, now you need to buy everything to go in it. And we’ve got to tell you, it’s a lot of stuff, from pillows and wardrobe hangers to hand soap and a spatula. You can find our ultimate list of things you should take to uni here,  you can print this off and write down where you will get every item from, ensuring you don’t forget everything and save on delivery! 


IKEA - The place that sells everything you need and everything you don't need, at fantastic prices. It is 100% worth making a trip to IKEA with someone who has a spacious car, and a spare 5 hours. Some would say their range is very simple, but that is the Swedish way. However, we would suggest making a list before you go and limiting yourself to not buying ½ the store, or even better buying it all online and having it delivered to your door. 


Asda - This supermarket has a great range of homeware for amazing prices, and they’ve come a long way from a few years ago, with more and more super on-trend items. So many students get everything they need from Asda, plus they have lots of lovely decorative bits to make your student room feel super homey. 


Amazon - We all know the absolutely enormous range of items you can get from Amazon, and we love it. You want it, they have it, we don’t need to say any more. 


Matalan - The homeware section in Matalan is brilliant, with lots of essentials you’ll need for uni. They don't have a massive selection, but we love that, they do whole ranges for a few specific trends, e.g. tropical bedrooms, pink muted living areas and boho vibe bathrooms. Plus it’s all a great price point.  


Argos - When we think of Argos, we think of more practical items like your clothes maid or a shoe rack. Argos is also a great place for getting larger items that you wouldn't be able to get in other stores, however be sure to get the measurements for your room before buying anything too big. 


TK Maxx - As with the clothes, you can’t really go into TK Maxx with something specific in mind. You enter TK Maxx and stumble upon an absolute gem, or find nothing at all, it completely depends on the day. They have lots of one-off items and designer items which you’ll get at bargain prices. 


Tesco -  Great for kitchen essentials and general household items, they don’t have a huge range so we would suggest having a look online first. However, Tesco does have a great electrical range, meaning you can go to your local superstore and get what you want straight away. 


Aldi - No one can guarantee what you can get in Aldi on any given day, however they do have various events for example, home improvements, health and fitness and even a university essentials one. These events offer lots of essential things you’ll need for uni at Aldi prices, but you will have to be quick, everything sells out super fast. 


Dunelm - An actual homeware store, so if you specifically want a blue fitted sheet, a yellow duvet set and orange pillows, you will find it here. Dunelm offers a huge range of items for every room, it might be a bit pricier than other places but you’ll 100% find what you need. 


Primark - On trend items at very low prices. Like lots of other stores, the homeware section in Primark has really come along in the past few years, with hundreds of items. We would say Primark is more for decorative items and you’ll find lots of cute bits for under a couple of quid.. Bye bye student loan. 


B&M - You may not realise the homeware range that B&M actually stock. With everything from cushions and storage boxes, to mugs and towels, you can get a lot for your money in this store. You can view the range online, but everything is subject to availability so we would recommend visiting the store to find what you need. 


Wayfair - When we say Wayfair has hundreds of items, we mean thousands and thousands. This online company has absolutely everything you could need, but they range from very basic to the very fancy. We would put aside a day for looking for items on Wayfair. 


Morrisons - Again, this supermarket range has come along way, with great quality products for every room at supermarket prices. The beauty about getting your homeware essentials for uni from the supermarket, is you can tag along on a shopping trip and pick it all up there. 


Next - A little more expensive than most of the stores in this list, but if you want a luxury item for your room, Next has it. Whether it's a gorgeous faux fur blanket or your favourite scented diffuser, it’s only a little splurge and if it makes your room feel more like home, then why not? 


Wilko - With products for every room, Wilko is a great place to get a lot of your furnishings and kitchenware. Their products are generally cheap and exactly what you need. 


Home Bargains - they may not have a huge range, but Home Bargains stocks some great products which you won’t find in other stores. We would recommend visiting the store to see what great deals you can find. 


The Range - As the name suggests, they stock a whole ‘range’ of items, for every room and at great prices too. These superstores tend to be out of the city centre, so it's a great idea to find someone with a car to join you for the day out.  


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