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Who to live with in 2nd Year?

Deciding who to live with in second year is a big decision. Here are a few things to think about beforehand.

You’ve experienced living away from home for your first year, probably in student halls and it was fantastic!

Here is what you might have learnt:

  1. Other people are actually quite untidy and unclean. 
  2. There are people out there who actually go to Uni to party 24/7.
  3. Living with other people can be really difficult. 
  4. But living with other students who become awesome friends is the best thing ever.


Now we know it’s only January but you need to start thinking about where you want to live in Second year…

So what are your options? Student Halls, Private student accommodation or shared student houses.

Whatever your preference you need to remember you’ll be there for a year (which is a long time). To make sure you’ve thought through all the options we’ve got some pro’s & con’s of each!


University Student halls 


  • Everything is included (bills, wifi).
  • There is normally a 24-hour reception.
  • Studio rooms are available (if you’re not a fan of sharing...anything).



  • First years like to party and therefore there's lots of noise
  • They can be slightly more pricey than shared houses (because they include everything).
  • Tenancies tend to be shorter (not a great option for international students).
  • For the price you pay, you could find nicer options


Private student accommodation 


  • These tend to be a lot nicer than basic halls. 
  • Bigger rooms and better facilities (e.g. a gym, study rooms).
  • Everything is included (wi-fi, bills, insurance).
  • Most accommodations will put you near your friends or in a cluster.  
  • Cleaners for communal spaces.
  • These normally have fantastic social spaces filled with things like pool tables, foosball, cinemas 



  • Can be further away from Uni 
  • The luxury comes with a slight increase in price


Student Houses 


  • You get to live with your friends 
  • Everyone can chip in with cleaning/ washing/ buying shared items 
  • Cooking together can be great fun and can save money 
  • Student houses tend to be a little cheaper 



  • If you fall out it can be very awkward
  • Friends tend to be more lax with rules and agreements 
  • Dealing with landlords can be difficult 
  • Facilities are very basic 
  • You have to arrange a lot yourself (wi-fi, bills)


Whatever option you go for, make sure  you’re 100% happy and will be in 6 months! Student houses can be a fantastic option, but student accommodation is less risky, there are better facilities and it’s normally less stress. However if you need more info, contact the accommodation or speak to your Students Union, they will have lots of helpful info and they’ve been there!


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