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Work Life, Before During & After Uni

Work life is different depending on what stage you're at in life. Whether you're at college or at University, work plays a big part in your day to day routine.


Before Uni

Most people get a job at 16, whether it’s in the local corner shop, waiting on in a restaurant or sweeping in the hairdressers. You’ll always remember your first job and you’ll also learn a lot, not only about yourself but also the wonderful world of work. But getting a job before uni is simply about earning some money, to spend on the weekend going out, or buying yourself a new top or bag. You might end up working around 8-12 hours a week, completely do-able when you're at sixth form or college. You won't be earning megabucks, but it is your own money, and whilst you may have to pay towards the food shop, it is the best feeling ever. You have your own income. 


At Uni 

Fast forward a few years and you're starting uni, you may be moving to a new city or country or maybe you're staying at home. Most students will (although uni normally advises against it) get a job. After all, being a uni student is expensive and you can’t rely solely on the Bank of Mum and Dad anymore. Again it won’t be anything too demanding, lots of students find jobs in retail or pubs and bars when they move to busy student city centres and these normally pay quite reasonably. But, be careful not to take on too many hours, and also enquire if your employer can give you fewer hours over exam times, most will be very accommodating, but just ask to make sure. 


After Uni

You’ve graduated, wahoo! Now you’re entering the real working world, where you’ll have to get a full time job (serious adulting). University graduates can find it difficult to secure a well-paid, degree-related job within the first 12 months after finishing uni. But do not be disheartened, there are plenty of jobs out there and it may take you some time to find the perfect one for you. However some can have jobs lined up for when they finish, everyone is different.  


Whatever stage you’re at in the world of working, enjoy it, work hard and earn yourself some well-earned cash! 

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