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Supermarket Ranges

Choosing where to do your weekly shop depends on quite a few factors, including, price, product offering and location. So we've collected all the info you could need to decide which supermarket is best for you!


Own brand range- Everyday Essentials

Beans 22p 
Pasta 45p
White bread 40p 
Frozen peas 61p
Jaffa cakes 27p 
Eggs (6) £1.18

Our review- Aldi is known for being a no-frills supermarket. Groceries at Aldi consist of 1 or maybe 2 options for a particular product, making shopping pretty quick, but if you like a particular brand you won’t find it here. Aldi does however sometimes stock well known brands in the ‘special buys’ aisles you cannot guarantee what they’ll have from one week to the next. Speaking of the special buys aisle, Aldi have monthly/weekly events e.g. gardening or pets, where they will sell an array of products for that event, you can really drop on, and find some fantastic products at these events, but items do sell out and aren't restocked. The fruit and veg can be a bit hit and miss at Aldi, but all the other ‘dupes’ for familiar brands are perfectly acceptable and because of their smallish product offering, they have stores in city centres. Packing your bags at Aldi can be a bit frustrating as the shop assistants scan super fast. 7/10 



Own brand range- Smart Price 

Beans 22p 
Pasta 29p 
Orange Juice 55p 
Frozen peas 68p 
12 toilet rolls £1.93 
Instant noodles 14p 
Eggs £1.18
Jaffa cakes 27p 
Tuna 59p 

Our review- Asda is a well known supermarket. Somewhere between budget and mid-range, which is reflected in their product offering. They sell their own budget range and popular brands and like other supermarkets, they often have great deals on. Asda also sells cosmetics which can be handy but, when it comes to cosmetics, we would suggest shopping somewhere where you can collect loyalty points and get student discounts. Asda stores do tend to be on the edge of cities because they are so big, so if you're planning on doing a big shop you’ll probably need a car. They also sell clothes, stationery, household items and toys. Asda's price point and product offering make it a great place to shop, it's nothing exciting but it does the job and you’ll find everything you need there. 8/10 



Own brand ranges- Various

Spaghetti 45p 
Beans 30p 
Tomato sauce 45p 
Eggs £1.18 
Carrots 89p
Tortilla chips 75p 

Lidl is the less popular budget supermarket and a little less organized. They have fantastic meat fridges and do stock some more unusual products that you wouldn't find in a regular supermarket. If you like to cook in bulk, they do sell huge bags of rice which would last you forever, it's just carrying it home. Like Aldi, they have events where they sell fantastic deals you can’t find anywhere else, but again these do sell out and change regularly so you have to be quick. There aren't as many Lidl’s around, so you’d have to search where your nearest one is. Lidl isn't bad, but it's not fantastic. 6/10 


Marks and Spencer

Own brand range- ReMARKSable value everyday 

Peas £1.20 
Orange juice 85p 
Bread 65p 
Pasta sauce £1.50 
Honey £1.80
Tomato soup 50p 

Our review- Marks and Spencer is where everyone wants to shop. An M&S foodhall is an experience and you’ll find flavours of crisp that you never even knew existed. The product offering is vast but they do only sell M&S products, but do not hesitate, their products are fantastic. People do tend to rave about pre-prepared food that they sell, but there is a down side. Marks and Spencer price point is higher than other supermarkets and you may need another student loan to buy all your groceries from M&S. However if you fancy treating yourself to a special meal, grab a dine-in for 2 and a packet of Percy Pigs or 2. 8/10 



Own brand range- Savers 

Spaghetti 20p 
Peas 68p 
Jaffa cakes 30p
Pasta 30p 
Instant noodles 15p  
Tomato sauce 76p 
Pasta sauce 40p 

Our review- Morrisons is a well-known supermarket, when we think of Morrisons we think of a proper groceries shop. The fruit and veg at Morrisons have their own spa 24/7, constantly misted with water to keep them crisp and fresh, such a fantastic idea. The range within Morrisons is big, from one of the largest own brand selections to classic brands, it has it all. Morrisons seem to understand deli counters and do it well, from bakeries and the fishmonger to the cheese counter and the infamous salad bar. On the whole, Morrisons is very similar to Asda, but the speciality counters are why this supermarket is seen as more of the ‘classic family grocery store’ (on a larger scale). 9/10



Own brand range- Ocado 

Tomatoes £1.25 
Hot cross buns £1.50 
Limes £1.20 
Corn on the cob £2.25 

Our overview- Ocado is a completely online supermarket. The 21st century way of shopping is easy, convenient and just fantastic, however, Ocado can be more pricey than other options. The HUGE range on Ocado may be one reason why they are so popular, alongside their friendly delivery drivers and their online availability.  There is however a £40 minimum spend, which if you share a fridge could be an issue, plus, can you eat £40’s worth of food in a week? Maybe a monthly Ocado shop for all your non-perishables and a small shop elsewhere for fresh produce would work? 6/10



Own brand range- Sainsburys basics 

Eggs £1.30 
Beans 25p 
Chocolate digestives 65p 
Cordial 45p 
Carrots 55p 

Our overview- Sainburys is well-established and well-known, this supermarket is seen as a mid-range option. Sainsbury’s seems to push their own-brand a bit more than other shops, and these do not disappoint, with so many delicious products. They do stock many well-known brands, they have their own clothing line and also do home delivery, like many other supermarkets. Sainsbury’s Local shops, normally in cities, tend to offer a great range of products better than a classic corner shop, which is great for students in cities. 8/10



Own brand ranges- Various

Beans 22p 
Jam 28p 
4 Cup soups 25p 
Ham slices 86p 
Chocolate digestives 42p 
Eggs £1.18

Our overview- Tesco is known by everyone and probably the most popular supermarket in the UK, with Tesco Express, Tesco Extra, Tesco Superstore and Tesco Metro, you’ll be hard pressed to find a UK town without a Tesco. Tesco stock everything from affordable home brands to well known big brands. If you’re looking for strawberry jam, be prepared to be faced with 23 options of strawberry jam in Tesco. The Tesco meal deal is a staple of any student's diet, with a great choice for everyone. They do offer delivery like the others, and they also have Tesco homeware where you can buy a whole range of items. 9/10



Own brand range- essentials Waitrose 

Spaghetti 89p 
Cordial 95p 
Chickpeas 59p 
Coffee £1.50 
Peas £1.10 
Bread 60p 

Our overview- Waitrose was voted as the UK’s favourite supermarket for 2020. They have lots of staff available, a great selection of products, fast-moving queues and a very high standard of produce. Waitrose is at the higher end of the price scale, and stores are known for having great customer service. Waitrose staff actually received shares in the company, which may be one reason why this supermarket is ranked #1 in the UK. Although Waitrose isn't known as a student supermarket it is a great supermarket, but we wouldn't recommend doing your big shop there. 8/10 


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