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We've got some top tips on how to be more aware, more focused and more mindful.

You may have seen a lot about mindfulness but not really know what it is. Now that we’ve all got a lot of free time, why not take some time and focus on your mindfulness? 

So, mindfulness is basically knowing what is going on around us and inside us, it's an awareness of your feelings, thoughts and the world around you. 

We’ve come up with some tips to help you become more aware and mindful. 



Take 5 minutes every day to meditate, control your breathing, and relax. Whether you prefer to sit up straight or lie flat, be aware of the sensations in your body and the way you feel. Make sure to do this in a quiet place, close your eyes and focus on yourself. 


Contrary to belief, multi-tasking can be seen as a negative thing, not focusing all of our attention onto one task can actually mean that it takes much longer to complete. And when you are completing these tasks take your time and think about each decision, slow down and breath. 

Eat Mindfully

We are in a world where you can get everything on the go, food, drink, taking your time and enjoying what you are eating is very important. Try and eat meals without any distractions, and pay attention to the tastes, smells and sensations that you feel. 

Mindful Moving

Whether that’s walking, running or exercise take time to focus on the way you move. Instead of completing these tasks without thought, focus on the sensations your body feels and embrace these. 


Spending time in nature is a fantastic way to become more mindful. Listen to the sounds, feel the materials, focus on air and breath in nature. 


Top tips for mindfulness:
  • Pay attention to everything, even the little things 
  • Notice what you think about and when 
  • Choose when to let your thoughts drift and when to focus them 
  • Be aware of your feelings and emotions 
  • Be kind to yourself in every aspect 
  • Set aside time to be mindful 
  • Make sure are comfortable when being mindful 
  • Take your time in learning how to be mindful 
  • Becoming mindful takes time, be patient
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