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Where in Newcastle would you recommend visiting? 

The Quayside is great on a night time when the bridges are lit up. Ghetto Golf is also a really fun, different place to go for a night time activity.


What would people be surprised to find out about you?

That I have my own small beauty business, i work in a salon full-time and at Oxford House in the afternoons.


What’s your most memorable Newcastle/ Student living by Sodexo/ Oxford House story?

I loved the pumpkin carving competitions at Halloween, seeing how creative people got.


What’s your most memorable / university story?

I never went to university, I never went into any further education from school I just worked from 16. But most memorable thing here is how friendly and welcoming all the staff were to me from day one.


Tell us something about yourself

I love going on holiday and visiting new parts of the world.