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Our commitment to you, our customers

Community Commitments

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Green Commitment

Student Living by Sodexo is conscious of its environmental, statutory and moral obligations and takes its commitment to reducing its impact on the environment seriously.

Student Living by Sodexo is committed to actively identifying elements in our residences that impact on the environment and, where possible, eliminating or reducing these through the development of robust practices. By doing this we are supporting our commitment to a more sustainable way of life.

It’s easy to waste energy and basic resources – sometimes we might not even notice we are doing it. Common ways we waste energy are by leaving lights on, leaving electrical appliances running, keeping the heating on when we no longer need it or using too much water.

We can all take small steps to reducing our energy consumption. For example, turning off lights when not needed, turning down heating, avoid turning on equipment until you need it and switching off lights when a room is empty.

You can do your part to help us too. Make sure you report any draughty windows and doors and close windows when the heating is on.

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Quality of Life Commitment

We all want to get the most out of life

But what does Quality of Life mean?

When we talk about our commitment to Quality of Life, we mean it in the simplest way possible. We are committed to improving the quality of life for everyone that comes into contact with us. That means our staff, our partners and you – our students.

We don’t just provide you with a fantastic place to live. We also furnish you with key skills that will bolster your CV and help you stand out when you graduate. We have a number of schemes, including internships, work experience placements and workshops that help build your career skills while you live with us.

We also know that all work and no play makes University a dull place to be. That’s why we put on lots of fun social events as well, so you get the chance to unwind and relax with friends within the comfort of your own home.

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Charity Commitment

Stop Hunger Charity

795 Million People suffer from Hunger

We want to reduce that number.

Stop Hunger is a worldwide initiative active in over 35 countries. It aims to tackle poor nutrition in local communities.

It is managed through the Sodexo Foundation, a UK registered charity.

The majority of funds raised come from employee fundraising, and through Stop Hunger we are able support charities involved in

  • Food provision to those in need
  • Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle education
  • Basic life skills education e.g. basic cooking skills, cooking on a budget and basic food hygiene training

You can find out more about the Stop Hunger charity and our current fundraising targets here